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A Very Orcish Civil War -2400 points

A Very Orcish Civil War

Hello, this is a battle report from a game just played against my mate Brendon's Orcs and Goblins. He uses a very orcy army with heap of boyz.

Orcs and Goblins vs. Orcs and Goblins

Scenario: Blood and Glory
Location: The Man Cave
Date played: Monday, 26 November 2012

Orcs and Goblins
General: Jeff
  (N1) 52 Night Goblins, NG 1 [240 points]

  (N2) 52 Night Goblins, NG 2 [237 points]

  (B1) 20 Bunker [120 points]
      - Bunker

  (NA2) 20 NG Archers 2 [120 points]
      - 3 Fanatics

  (T) 8 Trolls [280 points]

  (WC1) Wolf Chariot  [50 points]

  (WC2) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (WC3) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (DD1) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (RL1) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (MS1) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (NG) 52 Night Goblins [237 points]

  (MS2) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (RL2) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (DD2) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (SPW) Snotling Pump Wagon [80 points]

  (NGS) NG Great Shaman [215 points]
      - Level 4 Earthing Rod Talisman of Preservation

  (OGS)  Orc Great Shaman [210 points]
      - Lvl 4 Ironcurse Icon, Scroll

  (B2) BSB [74 points]
      - Standard of Discipline

  Total: 2400 points

Orcs and Goblins
General: Brendon
  (OW) Orc Warlord [1 point]

  (B) BSB [1 point]

  (OGS) Orc Great Shaman [1 point]
      - Level 4

  (SOS) Savage Orc Shaman [1 point]
      - Level 2, Lucky Shrunken Head

  (SOBU) 38 Savage Orc Big Uns [1 point]
      - Full Command, Banner of Discipline

  (OB1) 30 Orc Boyz [1 point]

  (OB2) 30 Orc Boyz [1 point]

  (T) 6 Trolls [210 point]

  (WC) 3 Wolf Chariots [150 point]

  (SC1) Spear Chukka 35 point]

  (SC2) Spear Chukka [35 point]

  (DD1) Doom Diver [80 point]

  (DD2) Doom Diver [80 point]

  Total: 2400 points


Brendon won the roll for table side and picked the north side as shown. I had far more drops than he did so put my blocks in the center with my chaff to the flanks so I could work my way around his army. I put all three of my fanatics in N1 but deployed NA2 to a flank in order to lure Brendon into believing that NA2 had the fanatics and I was tring to deny that flank. This was risky but I wanted to ensure that I could launch all three fanatics into a unit as it charged me and putting them in N1 guaranteed this. All in all I feel that I got the better of deployment and that Brendon was let down by his lack of chaff. He agreed after the game that the WC should have been split into 3 units.

Turn 1 - Brendon

1. Movement

OB1 rolled a one for animosity and spent the turn squabbling. The rest of his army advanced cautiously as no one was in charge range.

2. Magic

Brendon rolled a 10 for winds of Magic and opened up with a Brain Bursta at MS2. I let this go but he failed to wound. He then cast hand of Gork which I dispelled. Finally he used 4 dice to try and cast an extended Foot of Gork but failed to cast it. I definitely got off light this phase.

3. Shooting

Brendon's shooting was relatively inneffective. One Doom Diver hit MS2 but caused only one wound. The other Doom Diver misfired and plowed into the savage orcs killing several boyz. The Spear Chukkas fired at WC1 but only managed to put one wound on WC1.

4. Combat


Turn 1 - Me

1. Movement

I declared no charges as such but barreled the Snotling Pump Wagon into the Wolf Chariots and managed to get a Mangler Squig into the Chariots and out the Trolls. I destroyed a chariot and did two wounds on another with the Mangler and managed 2 wounds on the trolls. The rest of my army positioned itself to envelop Brendon's army from the right.

2. Magic

My Magic was relatively inneffective, I cast Gork'll fix it on OB2 in anticipation of it charging. I tried to get Foot of Gork off but just failed.

3. Shooting

Shooting saw one of my rocklobbas misfire and taking a wound while my other Warmachines hammered OB2, killing 7. This unfortunately though was just one short of what was needed for a panic test.

4. Combat

I had high hopes for my Pump Wagon but rolled snake eyes for impact hits and only managed to put one wound on the second chariot, killing it. In return I took a wound but still won the combat. The Chariot passed its test and I was stuck.

Turn 2 - Brendon

1. Movement

OB1 charged into the Snotling Pump Wagon's flank while OB2 made a long charge to hit N1. N1 released it's fanatics towards OB2, unfortunately two overshot so I only did 4d6 hits. This still came to 10 dead boyz though so I felt confident this combat was in the bag.

2. Magic

Brendon's only successful cast was an extended Hand of Gork on his Trolls. He used this to bring them to a threatening position on my flank, but was risking putting the Trolls out of the general's leadership bubble.

3. Shooting

Brendon's Doom Divers started bombarding NG  but both scattered into my bunker killing 8 goblins. His Spear Chukkas managed to blow up WC1.

4. Combat

The Orc Warboss hacked the Pump Wagon down without breaking a sweat . OG2 took 7 casualties to N1 and killed several NGs back as they were netted. I won the combat but he succeeded in making his LD4 break test thanks to his BSB re-roll.

Turn 2 - Me

1. Movement.

WC3 charged into OB2's flank and WC2 managed to charge SC2. The Mangler Squig screamed through OB1 killing several and taking the last WC down to 1 wound. NA2 reformed so that if the trolls charged they would be redirected away from my army.

2. Magic

My Magic phase was a bit of a dud this turn. I could only get fix it off on OB2. I successfully cast Foot of Gork but Brendon chose to use his dispel scroll.

3. Shooting

NA2 shot at WC and managed to put one wound on it to destroy the unit. All of the Warmachines then opened up on the Savage Orcs and managed to kill 5 or 6.

4. Combat

OB2 got hammered by N1 and the Chariot and was cut down. The Wolf Chariot overran into the SOBU. WC2 drove down SC2 and moved 7 forward.

Turn 3 - Brendon

1. Movement

The Trolls charged NA2 and OB1 made a 13" charge into NG.

2. Magic

Brendon rolled poorly for his winds of magic. He tried to cast Ere We Go on OB1 but I dispelled it. In the end he achieved nothing out of his Magic Phase this turn due to being in combat and a lack of options.

3. Shooting

Both Doom Divers smash into the Bunker unit killing 9 and causing a panic test which they pass. I don't recall what SC1 shot this turn.

4. Combat

Predictably he wins all 3 combats. His trolls fail to catch NA2 and are looking in the totally wrong direction much to my relief now. OB1 overruns into RL1 and the Savage Orcs move into my prepared killing ground.

Turn 3 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

N1 Charges straight ahead and the Trolls manage to get into the flank of the Savage Orc unit. The Bunker moves away from OB1 and N2 begins to reposition to reform my battle line against OB1. The archers on my flank fail to rally and flee of the board. WC2 positions itself to charge DD1 next turn. One Mangler is destroyed by triples and the other wanders around aimlessly.

2. Magic

My Magic is totally focussed on buffing/hexing using the Little Waagh and I manage to cast Sneaky Stabbing on the Trolls, Gift of the Spider God on N1 and Gork'll fix it on the Savage Orcs.

3. Shooting

My rock lobba hurls a boulder at DD2 and destroys it while my Doom Divers dive into the Trolls killing 2.

3. Combat

The main event begins with the Orc BSB killing 3 goblins. N1 strikes back killing 9 savages. The savages then pour all their attacks into N1 and kill about 16 of them. Thank god for my nets and Gork'll fix it. Finally my trolls strike and cause a massive amount of damage thanks to re-rolls and I win the combat by about 14. He breaks and is cut down.

At this point Brendon conceded the game though he would have killed my Rock Lobba and reformed. His trolls were essentially stuck out of the game now by stupidity and I had the excess of units to surround OB1 (which was down to less than 20 models) and overwhelm it.

All in all a good game. Brendon's army has a lot of hitting power but I feel he really hampered himself through his lack of redirectors and chaff. I've suggested he drops the 2 boy units in favour a night goblin tarpit and some more chaff.

I hope you enjoyed the report. I have a game against Ogres later this week which I'll probably put up Friday or Saturday.

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  1. I'm feeling the urge to buy more Night goblins, I have about 80, split in two groups.
    Using them as tarpits with atleast 50+ seems very effecient as they grow into a force to be reckoned with