Sunday, 18 November 2012

My first USMC troops for Force on Force

I've recently picked up a bunch of 20mm USMC and Iraqi Insurgents from Elhiem models with the aim of having a Battle of Fallujah themed force and board. I intend to use the Force on Force ruleset and run a lot of the scenarios from their "Fallujah" scenario book. I've also received a table's worth of MDF buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures which look like they'll be great but will require a bit of flashing up before they really look the part.

Anyways I've painted my first two figures for the USMC, a rifleman and a 1/72 Humvee with TOW Launcher (built from a Dragon plastic kitset). I'm pretty happy with the rifleman but a bit unsure of how to spruce up the Humvee as it looks pretty basic at the moment.

For your viewing pleasure...

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