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Orcs and Goblins vs Dwarves 2400 Rematch

After our game last week Adam challenged me to a rematch and I gladly obliged. Of note from the report is that my points values for my list are not entirely correct as Battlechronicler is being finicky. Enjoy!

Orcs and Goblins vs. Dwarves

Scenario: Battleline
Location: The Man Cave
Date played: Sunday, 18 November 2012

Orcs and Goblins
General: Jeff
  (N1) 55 Night Goblins, NG 1 [315 points]
                     - 3 Fanatics

  (N2) 54 Night Goblins, NG 2 [237 points]

  (B1) 20 Bunker [120 points]
      - Bunker

  (NA2) 20 NG Archers 2 [60 points]

  (T) 8 Trolls [280 points]

  (WC1) Wolf Chariot  [50 points]

  (WC2) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (WC3) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (DD1) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (RL1) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (MS1) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (NG) 54 Night Goblins [237 points]

  (MS2) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (RL2) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (DD2) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (SPW) Snotling Pump Wagon [80 points]

  (NGS) NG Great Shaman [215 points]
      - Level 4 Earthing Rod Talisman of Preservation

  (SOGS) Savage Orc Great Shaman [210 points]
      - Lvl 4 Ironcurse Icon

  (B2) BSB [74 points]
      - Standard of Discipline

  Total: 2400 points

General: Adam
  (R) Runelord [468 points]
      - Anvil of Doom, 2 Dispel Scrolls, 1 Rune of Spelleating

  (B) BSB [165 points]
      - Rune of Fire, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Grom, Rune of Rest

  (DS1) Dragon Slayer 1 [50 points]

  (DS2) Dragon Slayer 2 [50 points]

  (DS3) Dragon Slayer 3 [50 points]

  (LB) 30 Long Beards [460 points]

  (Q1) 20 Quarellers 1 [265 points]

  (Q2) 20 Quarellers 2 [265 points]

  (BT) Bolt Thrower [65 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Burning

  (ST) Stone Thrower [150 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetration, Rune of Burning

  (ST2) Stone Thrower 2 [145 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetration

  (M) 12 Miners [147 points]

  (G) Gyrocopter [140 points]

  Total: 2400 points


I won the roll for table edge and deployed first.

My plan was to keep my main combat blocks in the center and in the leadership bubble of my General. These would advance straight up the table and envelop Adam's line from the left. All of my chaff was deployed on the right in order to overwhelm his shooting with multiple fast moving units.

Adam castled in the centre and placed his dragon slayers out to screen his flank from the onslaught of my cheap chaff. In retrospect I think he made a major mistake in his deployment and should have castled in the top left corner. This would have made it much more difficult for me to bring my combat power to bear.

The spells I rolled were:

L4 NG Shaman: Curse of Da Bad Moon, Gork'll Fix It, Night Shroud, Sneaky Stabbin
L4 SO Shaman: Foot of Gork, Hand of Gork, Brain Bursta, Gaze of Mork

Adam finished deploying first but I still managed to win first turn.

Turn 1 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

There was no animosity this turn and most of my army moved straight up to rush the dwarven line. I rolled reasonably well for my two Mangler Squigs and Pump Wagon, ensuring they would be in a threatening position next turn.

2. Magic

I rolled a measly 6 for winds of magic and managed to channel another 1 die. I decided that keeping my trolls around was key and was able to get Gork'll Fix it through onto Q1 and Night Shroud onto the Trolls. This ensured that they'd receive very little effective fire in the next turn from anything but the Stonethrowers. Adam saved his dice for my Foot Of Gork which I got off as an IF with 3 dice. Unfortunately I had only attempted to cast the normal version and my one try at squashing the Longbeards scattered well behind them.

3. Shooting

My shooting phase consisted of my Warmachines failing to achieve anything as there shots missed wildly. I did manage to take one wound off ST even after I scattered. The doom divers tried to hit the Gyrocopter but had no luck.

4. Combat


Turn 1 - Dwarves

1. Movement

Adam declares charges against WC3 with all three of his Dragonslayers, these are all very long range affairs  and are all failed. His gyrocopter zooms towards my chariots to line up a side shot with it's flame cannon. The only other movement is Q1 reforming instead of trying to shoot at the Trolls.

2. Shooting

Adam uses his Anvil of Doom to allow one of his dragonslayers to make a march move into MS2, killing the squig and the Dragonslayer. Q2 makes a pincushion out of the other Mangler Squig after the Bolt-thrower misses. The Gyro shoots at the war machines but only manages to put a single wound on WC1. Adam's Stonethrowers aim for the trolls with the flaming one missing altogether and the nornal one managing only one wound against them.

3. Combat


Turn 2 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

NG failed animosity and rolled a 1 but fortunately they were the last unit to test so they couldn't pick a fight with anyone. WC3 charged a Dragonslayer and WC1 charged another in order to start clearing them from the board. The Snotling Pump Wagon attempted to charge the Gyrocopter but only rolled 4 on 3 dice so failed miserable. The rest of the army continued advancing, with the trolls placed just in front of N1 to keep them from getting double charged. I suspected though that Adam would be focussed on getting the trolls so I was hoping he'd attempt a charge on them and I'd release the 3 fanatics in N1 through them.

2. Magic

I managed only 5 dice this turn and had to think carefully on what I could achieve. In the end I decided to throw all 5 dice, along with my mushroom, at an extended Curse of Da Bad Moon. I got lucky and rolled two 6's and sent the vortex straight at the LongBeards but only rolled 10" on four dice. I still managed to get half the unit though and 9 Longbeards died after failing Initiative tests.

3. Shooting

My shooting remained largely inneffective as I only managed to kill 2 Quarellers from Q2 after a rock lobba shot meant for ST scattered.

4. Combat

WC3 managed to only do 1 wound through impact hits on the DS and was then killed. WC1 fared better and drove straight over the Dwarf and overran right off the board.

Turn 2 - Dwarves

1. Movement

Adam rolls for his Miners and fails to bring them in. He then declares a charge on the trolls with his Quarellers and BSB. They make the long range charge but I flick out several fanatics in their path, killing 9 Quarellers. He makes the break test and the charge is completed. Adam swift reforms his Long Beards and moves forward towards the trolls. His only other movement is to position the DS to intercept my WC when it returns next turn and to move the Gyrocopter so it is just under 8" away from the Pump Wagon.

2. Magic

Adam decides not to attempt to dispel the Curse of Da Bad Moon and it scatters back through his Long Beards into N1. Another 8 or 9 Long Beards die and I lose 7 Night Goblins. In retrospect I'm not sure why Adam didn't attempt to dispel, I guess he thought that it could potentially harm me more or was unlikely to scatter back, In the end though this was a key moment in the game.

3. Shooting.

Q2 kills a fanatic that is sitting between the Longbeards and the Trolls, which is in turn a set up for him to use the Anvil to charge the Longbeards in which he does easily. However he can't do so without also contacting N1. N1 gets hit by a Stone thrower and loses 15 goblins, while the other stone thrower and bolt thrower both miss.

4. Combat

The Quarellers fail their Fear test and N1 manages to net itself. The BSB fails to put a flaming wound on the Trolls and Adam now knew he was in for a world of pain. The Night Goblins pulled down two longbeards and then the Quarellers managed to put a single wound on the Trolls. The Trolls then struck back hard, splitting their attacks evenly between the two dwarf units and killed 7 Longbeards and 8 Quarellers. Adam needed double 1's to stick around and despite having a rune of determination on the Longbeards (only two remained), both units fled and were cut down.

At this point Adam conceded as he felt there was nothing he could do to get back in the game and his risky charge had gone all wrong. I felt this was a tough game for Adam, we both had poor luck shooting, but the nature of his army, the way deployment worked out and my ability to get an IF vortex off meant he was always going to really struggle. Clipping the N1 unit was the clincher as it meant even if he had done a number on the Trolls that I wasn't going to run. All in all  a bit of a dissapointing game due to it being onesided but there will be many more games in the future.

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