Sunday, 18 November 2012

Orcs and Goblins vs. Dwarves 2400

Hello, I've been away a few weeks for work so haven't had any games but managed to get a good game against my mate Adam's Dwarves yesterday. Adam's dwarves are always tricky and a blast to play. Enjoy.

Orcs and Goblins vs. Dwarves

Scenario: Dawn Attack
Location: The Man Cave
Date played: Sunday, 18 November 2012

Orcs and Goblins
General: Jeff
  (N1) 55 Night Goblins, NG 1 [240 points]

  (N2) 54 Night Goblins, NG 2 [237 points]

  (B1) 20 Bunker [120 points]
      - Bunker

  (NA2) 20 NG Archers 2 [120 points]
      - 3 Fanatics

  (T) 8 Trolls [280 points]

  (WC1) Wolf Chariot  [50 points]

  (WC2) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (WC3) Wolf Chariot [50 points]

  (DD1) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (RL1) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (MS1) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (NG) 54 Night Goblins [237 points]

  (MS2) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (RL2) Rock Lobba [85 points]

  (DD2) Doom Diver [80 points]

  (SPW) Snotling Pump Wagon [80 points]

  (NGS) NG Great Shaman [215 points]
      - Level 4 Earthing Rod Talisman of Preservation

  (SOGS) Savage Orc Great Shaman [210 points]
      - Lvl 4 Ironcurse Icon

  (B2) BSB [74 points]
      - Standard of Discipline

  Total: 2398 points

General: Adam
  (R) Runelord [368 points]
      - Anvil of Doom, 2 Dispel Scrolls, 1 Rune of Spelleating

  (B) BSB [165 points]
      - Rune of Fire, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Grom, Rune of Rest

  (DS1) Dragon Slayer 1 [50 points]

  (DS2) Dragon Slayer 2 [50 points]

  (DS3) Dragon Slayer 3 [50 points]

  (DS4) Dragon Slayer 4 [50 points]

  (ME) Master Engineer [95 points]
      - Rune of Shields

  (LB) 30 Long Beards [435 points]

  (Q1) 20 Quarellers 1 [265 points]

  (Q2) 20 Quarellers 2 [265 points]

  (BT) Bolt Thrower [65 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Burning

  (ST) Stone Thrower [130 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetration, Rune of Burning

  (ST2) Stone Thrower 2 [125 points]
      - Engineer, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetration

  (M) 12 Miners [12 points]

  (G) Gyrocopter [140 points]

  Total: 2400 points



I won the roll and proceeded to set up first. The dice were relatively kind to me and I was able to set up in a pretty decent position, though I wasn't happy about the way I had gotten my chariots onto the board.

Adam did fairly well out of his deployment rolls and put a pretty effective castle on the hill in his deployment zone.

My plan was to overwhelm Adam with must hit targets and reach his lines quickly as I knew the relative lack of great weapons meant I could overwhelm him in close combat.

Turn 1 - Dwarves

1. Movement

Adam rolls a 6 to steal the initiative and moves his Gyro into the center and advances forward with his Dragonslayer screen.

2. Shooting

Adam launches a salvo of Artillery at my lines and destroys a Doom Diver while his Quarellers destroy a Wolf Chariot causing my archers and the other wolf chariot to panic. This is not at all the start I was hoping for. The anvil attempts to give a free move to his troops but miscasts and won't be able to try again next turn.

3. Combat


Turn 1 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

I moved pretty much straight forward as I wanted to get to grips with him quickly. I was lucky that both my Archers and my wolf chariot managed to rally.

2. Magic

I rolled only 7 dice up for Winds of Magic which gave him an equal number of dice once he added in all his bonuses. I tried to get a big Night Shroud up with my NG Great Shaman but failed. I then six diced a Foot of Gork which went off without a miscast but he used his Rune of Spelleating to destroy the spell. All in all a very dissapointing magic phase.

2. Shooting

Shooting was relatively quiet. One of my Rock Lobbas managed to get his Rune of Burning Stone Thrower. My Doom Diver landed dead on his engineer but I didn't realise the engineer had a 2+ ward so I was luck to inflict just one wound. I also managed to kill about four Quarrelers from Q2 with my second rock lobba.

3. Combat


Turn 2 - Dwarves

1. Movement

Adam goes for two long range charges and makes both, dooming my Pump Wagon and slowing down N1 for the rest of the game. The rest of his army stays predictably still

2. Shooting

Adam's shooting is relatively inneffective this turn, he kills a handful of goblins in each unit and manages to put down 2 trolls. His Anvil of Doom is unable to cast this turn.

3. Combat

Adam's Dragonslayer hacks away at the Night Goblins killing 3. In return the NG manage to do a wound and win the combat easily. However the Dragonslayer is unbreakable so this fight will go to the bitter end.
Adam's second dragonslayer does a wound to the Pump Wagon and wins the combat by two, causing the snotlings to abandon ship as it crumbles.

Turn 2 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

The Trolls manage a long range charge on Q2. I'm stoked by this and see potential for a game winning combat if I can get into the runelord on anvil. Upsettingly though my Bunker with both my level 4's in it squabbles, denying me a magic phase. One wolf chariot charges a dragonslayer and the rest of my army moves forward to get to grips with his line.

2. Magic

Nil due to squabbling.

3. Shooting

My shooting is pretty inneffective as my archers have no targets and my artillery misses. My doom diver hits the quarellers and trolls though and I decide to risk it. I kill three Quarrelers but unluckily also manage to kill a troll as well.

4. Combat.

My Wolf Chariot rides down the dragonslayer with no worries. Unfortunately though my trolls only manage to kill 2 Quarellers and flee. I was pretty gutted by this outcome as I felt I could have reasonably expected to do a lot better.

Turn 3 - Dwarves

1. Movement

This is a big turn for Adam and he pulls off a few clever moves. His Dragonslayer charges my fleeing trolls who are forced to flee again and move through the Mangler Squig, killing the Squig and another Troll. His longbeards begin advancing in the center and his Gyrocopter moves to flame my Bunker which is starting to get a bit small.

2. Shooting.

The Gyrocopter kills 8 goblins in the bunker, while the rest of his army has a dud of a turn, only just managing to kill a WC. I thought I had gotten away with this turn when he then used the anvil to charge his miners into the rear of my Bunker, I had no choice but to flee and he succeeded in redirecting into the rear of N1.

3. Combat

Through the use of nets and some good luck N1 managed to keep casualties low and even killed a few dwarves themselves, doing just enough to draw the combat.

Turn 3 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

My Bunker managed to rally ( it had actually moved further than shown in last turn's image). My trolls managed to rally and my Wolf Chariot charged down a slayer. My Mangler squig slammed into Q1 killing 9 dwarves. The rest of my army continues to move up to swing into his flank.

2. Magic

I roll a mere 6 for Winds of Magic and decide to 6 dice Curse of Da Bad Moon at the Long Beards. I get it off with an IF which wounds my Savage Shaman. I roll to send it at the Longbeards but only manage to move it 7 inches on four dice, clipping 2 dwarves and killing one. Truly dissapointing, but hey it could move next turn?

3. Shooting

Shooting is effective as the Doom Diver slams into the Gyrocopter destroying it. One Rock Lobba misfires and the other manages to hit the Runelord but I didn't realise he was T10 and I fail to wound.

4. Combat.

My Chariot runs straight through the Dragonslayer and over runs in front of where the Quarrelers used to be. The combat in the middle sees a few goblins and a few dwarves die, I lose combat by 1 but remain steadfast and stay where I am.

Turn 4 - Dwarves

1. Movement

The Longbeards charge into N2 and the remaining dragonslayer decides to go troll hunting. Q2 reforms and begins moving for my bunker.

2. Magic

Adam is unable to dispel the Curse of Da Bad Moon which scatters into his Q1 unit, killing most of them and causing them to run off the board. It also kills the mangler Squig.

3. Shooting.

Shooting sees all his artillery going into my Bunker which is now down to about 9 models and turning into a deathtrap. Adam attempts to use his Anvil to move his Q2 again but miscasts and the Anvil is destroyed.

4. Combat 

N2 does a good job against N2 and kills 7 Dwarves for the loss of only a few goblins thanks to nets. I still lose the combat but am happily steadfast and stick around for more.

N1 fights on against the Miners and Dragonslayer, killing one or two dwarves but losing the combat. Again the unit is still stead fast so sticks around.

Turn 4 - Orcs and Goblins

1. Movement

My trolls fail stupidity but blunder into the Dragonslayer regardless. The rest of my army manuevers around for flank charges next turn and my Bunker lines up to hurl another Curse of Da Bad Moon at the LongBeards.

2. Magic

Magic is a measly 7 dice. I cast Gork will Fix it on the longbeards which is dispelled but then get off an extended Curse of Da Bad Moon which rips through the Long Beards killing 2/3 of them as well as some goblins in NG.

3.  Shooting

My Rock Lobbas attempt to take out his Stone thrower but only manage to inflict 2 wounds. The doom diver goes for Q2 and kills a few.

4. Combat

My trolls manage to kill the Dragonslayer but are now down to a mere two trolls. In the center the Night Goblins finally drag down the Dragonslayer and win the combat by 1, however the miners stick around. I reform to face him front on and plan to finish the now 6 miners off next turn. The longbeards and N2 continue their battle. I kill one or two dwarves and lose the combat but stay where I am as I am steadfast.

Turn 5 - Dwarves

1. Movement

Adam is on the ropes now and makes a daring charge at the deathtrap/bunker with his quarrelers. He needs a very high roll to get there but I know that if he does I could be throwing the game away so opt to flee. This ended up being a good decision as he ended up rolling a double 6 but still a failed charge as can't reach N2's flank.

2. Shooting

Adam fires at NG with his artillery, hoping to panic them while my bunker is fleeing. The shot scatters though and only kills one goblin.

3. Combat

In combat N1 kills 3 of the Miners leaving only 3 left, wins the combat and runs the unit down. A similar occurence happens to the Longbeards, who lose by 2 and are cut down by N2.

At this stage it's getting late and Adam concedes the game (also we forgot if it was turn 5 or 6). The next turn would have seen me clean out his artillery with the wolf chariot and finishing his Quarrelers with magic and shooting.

This was a game that was definitely an arm-wrestle. Adam stealing the initiative and making some of those long charges on turn 2 really had me worried and when my trolls fled from his Quarrellers I thought it was just about over.The Anvil blowing up opened him wide up to my magic and from there I ran away with it. I think if the Anvil had stuck around Adam would have ended up with a minor win as he had a good chance of getting his quarrelers into the flank of the Longbeard combat and winning a combat while I was fleeing.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the battle report.

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