Sunday, 2 December 2012

A way around the GW embargo?

Hello All,
             I've just seen this on the NZ Post website:

The idea is you get a US postal address and pay to have items forwarded to you in NZ. This could potentially be a good way to order direct from GW US. I'll probably give this a go in the next few weeks and will let you all know how it works out. Now if only they'd do the same and hook us up with an EU address.


  1. Bitz Barn post direct to NZ mate and you can get around the embargo through them. Would be interested in how postage costs compare though

  2. I've found Bitz Barn to be a bit pricy, my US webstore of choice is definitely, who seem to be 10% cheaper.

    Another reason to use a remote postbox is a lot of the web distributors don't stock finecasts or metals so if you want to order straight from GW then it's really the only option.