Friday, 28 December 2012

Universal Battle - Another way to get your wargaming fix?

I was having a look at the forums and saw a thread called Universal Battles and checked it out.

Essentially the Universal Battles site is an online tool for playing wargames on the internet. It does this by giving you a map and generic units to play with which can be put onto movement trays as well. It has built in rulers, wheeling tools and dice which allow you to actually play a game. To adapt it to the wargame you want to play, in my case Warhammer Fantasy, you simply load up a set of units which are all user made and are appropriate (but not exactly) for any current Fantasy army. You can then move these units about the map and play your game against your opponent. There is an in-built chat feature you can use to communicate what you're doing and why you're rolling but I think that using Skype or some other VoIP would be preferable.

The basic version of the service is free but doesn't let you use other user-made army templates which you'll want to use to save yourself time. You can pay by the month, six months or the year, but a lifetime membership is only $29 USD so I just sprang for it. I've played a solitaire game by myself and it goes pretty smoothly and will look to use it as a way to get practice games and try out new armies without having to proxy models. It's not just Warhammer Fantasy that could be played using this, virtually anything could be played and I'd like to look into how it could be used to play Napoleonic wargames.

So if you're keen to try out a new way to get your wargaming fix, give it a go. My user name is JWK47 so if you see me in the lobby say Hi and maybe we can have a game.

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