Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fortnight In Gaming 1

I've decided that in order to make sure I keep the blog regularly updated I will begin a fortnightly (duh) Fortnight in Gaming update detailing new releases, games I am playing, hobby projects and other random thoughts. So without further adieu....

Purchasing + Painting

The last fortnight has seen the arrival of my new Lizardmen army which I purchased from a guy in Sydney, Australia.

This is about half of what I've managed to amass in the past two months.

I've combined this with some other Lizards I picked up on the cheap and unpainted and now have a stupidly large amount of Lizardmen. I've picked this up as my third army as the fluff and play style really appeals (sick of randomness from OnG and Skaven), the collection is mostly very well painted, everything in the army book is present. The hobby aspect here is that I now have about 40 skinks and a few terradons I am painting up to get the army ready to go for either Equinox or Natcon. I'm painting these to match the existing scheme and will put up a tutorial on how its done along with more pictures of the lizards later this week.


I've played only two games of Warhammer Fantasy in the last 2 weeks which is a bit dissapointing and it seems with the departure of Adam Richards to the Taranaki my local scene is having a hard time firing up this year. Both games were against my mate Brendon's Beastmen, the first with my Skaven and the second with my Lizardmen. Both games were wins to myself (though it was a close call with the Skaven) and saw me trying out 2500 point no comp lists for Natcon. Brendon has settled on a pretty nasty herdstone list which I believe will see him do well against all but the nastiest of armies. These were good enjoyable games which importantly saw me make a few mistakes that I could learn from and hopefully not repeat in the future.

The other main gaming event of the past fortnight was attending Battlecry 2013 where I played Field of Glory Napoleonics. I really love this period of wargaming and have two armies (1812 Polish and 1812 Russian) which I have had professionally painted. The shame about Napoleonics is that the community is so fragmented; to the point that I dislike the rules played in Palmerston North but very much like Field of Glory. The net result is I do not play often.

My first game was against Keith who was using an 1812 French Army. Keith was a very crafty player and rolled successfully to defend. Through excellent use of terrain and the worst cavalry flank march in recorded history he absolutely massacred me. Keith travels to Palmerston North frequently though so I hope there will be a re-match in the future.
My Brave Poles advance against the French Defenders

My Polish Lancers charge the French Flank but rush headlong to their deaths.

The Polish Center is looking strong, but with the failed Cavalry charge the spirit of the army is broken.

The second game was against Stu's 1809 Saxons. I again opted to flank march with all of my cavalry while trying to stay away from his Elite Cuirassiers. This time the gambit work and my Lancers rushed onto his Right Flank and rolled up his best division, winning me the game.

My final game was against Kendall Blue's 1809 Russians. I was hopelessly outclassed by Kendall's skill and army and my soldiers knew it. After probably only an hour and a bit of play the Poles had quit the battlefield and begun the long march home back to Palmerston North from Auckland. All in all I had a great time. I enjoy playing the game Napoleonics and without any pretense of being any good which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Finally, I have managed to play some more games of the LOTR; LCG both with Brendon and my partner Adele. Brendon and I had a great time and he is now looking to pick some cards up himself. The real test though was with my girlfriend though. The first game was, to be honest, a disaster which took about 90 minutes to play through and involved tortuous amounts of explaining and appeals to suspend disbelief. After the game we decided we'd wait a week and try again as well as discuss what's actually happening during the game (Adele really wanted a narrative rather than just an abstract game). We then played two more games yesterday which went smoothly and both enjoyed. Just one more nerdy straw on the camel's back........

New Releases

So the big news here is of course the Confirmation of the Daemons of Chaos. I've been following the rumours with some interest and am glad to hear that Bloodletters have been adjusted. That being said it appears that Plaguebearers may just be stepping in to take their role in terms of auto-include 90 of these. For the most part I tend to wait until the books are out before I get to interested or invest too much time into thinking about the new rules and their consequences.

What can't be ignored though is the new models. I really like most of the new models, I think the heralds are spot on, am intrigued by the plague drones and impressed by the Tzeentch chariot set. What I can't stand the look off is the new Khorne Chariot/Cannon multi-kit.

U-G-L-Y!, You ain't got no alibi, you UGLY!

 I really dislike the look of this thing on many levels, for one the whole chassis is stupidly low to the ground, it looks to mechanical (my main complaint about the soul grinder) and dammit, does every bloodletter ever made have to be doing a haka?

Future Plans

The next two events on my radar are Equinox and Natcon where I will be playing Fantasy. At this stage I still haven't decided what armies to use and am torn between OnG and Lizardmen. I feel like I should continue on with my OnG despite being dissappointed with my performance at OTT as:

1. I shouldn't let one bad result get me down.
2. I theoretically used up most of a year's bad luck at OTT.
3. The OnG list I want to take (hordes of Night Goblins and Squigs) is really cool and people love it.

On the flipside, I also enjoy the Lizardmen and do believe that they are much more capable of getting me the top 10 results I want to be able to get to Masters at the end of the year. In all likelihood it will come down to where my painting is at the day lists are due with it being in favour of the Lizards at the moment.

The second bit of news is that Kieran Mahoney and I ( ) have decided to collaborate and put out a set of Modern rules for 6mm/1:300 to succeed the WRG Moderns rules currently used in NZ. I've already got a draft written and hopefully with his gaming experience and my military experience we can get something more contemporary, funner to play and easier to update out sometime this year. I'm really excited about this, not that I'm looking to publish anything or make money, but just as an exercise in really understanding what makes a wargame tick.

Final Thoughts

I'm not playing enough Warhammer Fantasy against enough people to feel prepared for tournaments. I only have four regular opponents (only one of whom is really regular) due to living in the agricultural hub that is the Manawatu. I listen to all the podcasts, read blogs and forums but there really is no excuse for playing games. I'm going to have to make some effort to either bring new people into the hobby in Palmerston North (not sure how to go about this), or really seriously get into (where a game realistically takes 5 hours to complete) if I want to get the game-time up I need to feel comfortable going into tournaments. So, if there's anyone reading this in the Manawatu who is keen to get some games in (or even within 45 minutes to an hour drive), let me know so we can play with eachother's toys.

Well that's all, any feedback, name-calling, criticism or cat-calling is not only welcome but expected.....


  1. Mate that is so awesome....I absolutely love the Napoleonic period (are you using 15mm?) you play any American civil war 15mm? Absolutely love that era too....
    Really cool that you are taking on the 6mm gaming format, I've been tempted to do the same with some other rules format. I've met Kieran he's a really awesome guy and from his garage and website you can tell he's really passionate about 6mm - you guys will probably do a great job on the moderns....

    1. Oh could you recommend a minatures company that does great 15mm Naps and American civil war?

  2. The Napoleonics are all 15mm, much cheaper to collect and I think it gives a more massed feel than 25mm. As for manufacturers, for Napoleonics I would recommend:

    The Old Glory range is pretty good value and quality for infantry and I really like the Battle Honors cavalry. In terms of ACW you can't go past Blue Moon Miniatures:'15mm%20ACW'

    They have a huge range for the period at a bargain price and beautiful figures (I have an Old Glory Army card you can borrow as well). I've always wanted to get into ACW but it's always taken back seat to another period, with Sam Mustafa's Longstreet coming out it would be a great time, unfortunately I'm a dirty student again. I have considered doing Gettysburg in 2mm though.......

  3. Ill be back at the club every week soon just waiting on the cricket season to finish. Dont attend while its still on as it means Im away from home too many nights each week.

    Hopefully we'll get a few more players turning up WHFB wise - there is one new guy whose moved down from Tauranga he should be turning up around April (Hamish Forbes) and he will be regular.

    Sometimes mate you just have to focus on painting rather than playing - but I agree lack of game time is a bummer, particularly when your getting set for tournaments. Ill be at NATCON as well, but playing Flames of War as I dont like the inclusion of Special Characters in the WHFB comp rules for the event.

  4. I find it interesting that it's the inclusion of special characters that has put you off as opposed to Storm of Magic/No Comp. I don't mind the thought of most special characters but am unimpressed at the thought of playing Storm of Magic creatures I've never heard of. It's all this bloody blurring of FW and GW.

    Wise words regarding painting though I hope we are still on for this thursday? If not I'll see you at the Massive Harlem Shake at uni on Wednesday

  5. Hey dude, I just read you comments and sent you an email. Been meaning to contact regarding Modern rules but my email has been poked. Let me know if you got it?

    Rory, come and join the 15mm Napoleonic craze!