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NATCON 13 Review: A Guest Post by Mike King

Good Evening All - Mike has written up the following to provide us with the Umpire's point of view on how Natcon went and his thoughts on the player's pack used. He's keen to get your input so please comment.

So Natcon has come and gone, here are my thoughts on what worked and what I’d do differently if I ever umpire something in future. The last event I umpired was Natcon 2005 in Christchurch, which was 6th Ed from memory.

I wrote the players pack way back in October, 5 months prior to event and tried to tailor it for maximum appeal as I wanted to attract more than 12 entrants that Natcon 2012 attracted.

2500 points
2500 points rather than the prevalent 2400 points. Personally I would have liked to use 2000 points, as Natcon 2012 did, but this was widely criticised on the blogosphere and given as reason for vast numbers of people not going to 2012 event, so I discarded 2000 points as likely to give people an excuse not to attend and went with 2500 points basically just to be a little be different, as was still playing 2.5 hour games couldn’t increase the points used too much or games would not get finished.

Special Characters
Allowed Special Characters, at the time I wrote the pack most events didn’t allow them, so again was really just something different.

Only 2 Special Characters were taken, Ramhotep The Visionary (Tomb Kings) and Bugman (Dwarfs).

Monstrous Arcanum
Allowing Monstrous Arcanum Magic Items and Bound Monsters to be taken as long as they were in Kinship with army race, I allowed this for 2 reason, first was just to be different and second was if Chaos Dwarf’s can use a Warhammer Forge list, why shouldn’t other races also have the option of using Warhammer Forge units.
Only 2 Monstrous Arcanum monsters were taken, Dread Saurian (Lizardmen) and Nightmare Colossus (Vampire Counts).
Didn’t seem overly powerful, but would need to think about allowing Monstrous Arcanum monsters with either of these two rules in the future.

1. Largest of Monsters (can Thunderstomp anything without this rule)
2. Colossal Beast (can only be wounded by attacks with S4 and above, regardless of attacks Strength can never be wounded on better than a 3+, any spell or attack that would slay outright, does D6 wounds instead, and has 2D6   

The Vampire Player allowed Poison S3 hits to auto-wound the Nightmare Colossus, my reading of the Colossal Beast rule would be that that is not the case, which would make monsters with this rule a real handful for armies without warmachines.

I would also look at allowing Storm of Magic Monsters to be used in future, with some restrictions.  I have no issue with someone running a Choas War Mammoth for example, but would not allow the using of a unit of un-ridden mounts (such as Cold Ones) as this is just silly IMO.

War Machines and Template Weapons
Both were capped at 4, with 2 for 1 Warmachines counting as 1.

Would certainly not up the Template weapon cap, but would increase the War Machine cap to 5 or maybe even 6 to encourage the use of Bolt Throwers, my only concern with this is what it allows Dwarfs to take, another option maybe to exempt Bolt Throwers form the War Machine cap.

Lack of Race Specific Restrictions and use of Veto
I looked at the commonly used race specific restrictions in place at most events last October and could see the point of most of them, and once I dropped the ones I didn’t believe were necessary, I was left with a short list and just figured to was easier to drop them all and use a Veto to block lists with combinations that were over powered.

As I was allowing Monstrous Arcanum, and really had no idea how this would work out and would need to create restrictions based on theoryhammer, figured I needed a Veto mechanism was easier all round.

As it turned out no list came close to getting a veto, and other than an Ethereal Dread Saurian don’t know what else I would have veto’d, certainly any list with Teclis and Thorek any maybe some other special characters would have got an examination.

Scenarios and Battle Points
Played all Scenarios in the Rule Book. Playing Battleline twice and Battle for the Marbles to make up 8 games.

Would have liked to find another scenario to avoid the duplication of Battleline.

Played Watchtower, Blood and Glory and Battle for Marbles using 0-10 Battle Point Table, with other 10 points being achieved by holding the WatchTower, Breaking opponent first and holding Marbles. I did this as I wanted the scenarios to mean something. When I wrote the pack most event gave 600 VP for Holding the Watchtower and Breaking Opponent First, this lead to a lot of players (myself included) often playing then as Battleline for the most part.

I thought this worked well, in 2 of 9 games of Blood and Glory neither player broke, which resulted in 2 low scoring games, both being 6-4 from memory as other 10 VP were left on the table. The other theoretical issue with Blood and Glory is both players could break simultaneously, which would give both players the bonus 10 VP.

Painting Scores
I copied the painting scores checklist form another tournament pack and didn’t really think about it much. I think it was harsh in hindsight, everyone got half the available points for having a fully painted army, but the rest of points where based on basing scheme, display board and conversions and this criteria was somewhat harsh to a few armies.

As painting only made up 10% of Overall Score it didn’t make much difference in end, acted as tied break between 3rd and 4th and shuffled some placings lower down, but no moved more than 1 place as a result.

If I could do it over, I would probably remove the basing scheme bit all together and include it in Overall Impression criteria, where everyone got full marks and reduce the painting points display boards and conversions provided.

Be keen to hear other players thoughts?

NATCON 2013 Tournament Report (Day 1)

Well I've ma naged an agonising night's sleep to reflect on the highs and lows of NATCON 2013 and am now ready to punch out my tournament report before the agony and the ecstasy subsides. The tournament was a 2500 point, 8 game event with a field of 18 players using very little comp. This meant there would be no easy ride once the points started adding up and it would be impossible to avoid the top players and the uber lists.Going into the tournament I was confident I had one of the best lists at the event but I felt I'd find it difficult to get big wins due to lack of experience (3rd tournament ever and only playing 3 games with lizardmen to practice), the nature of my list and the relative harshness of the painting scores. As such I set my sights on a top 5 finish.

My Army List:

Slann - BSB, General, Cupped Hands, Becalming Cogitation, Lore of Death
Slann - The Focused Rumination, Lore of Metal

Skink Priest - L1, Dispel Scroll
Skink Priest - L1, Cube of Darkness
Saurus Scar Vet - Cold One, Light Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, Dragonhelm, Venom of the Firefly Frog

10x Skink Cohort - Muso
10x Skink Cohort - Muso
11x Skink Cohort - Muso
10x Skink Skirmishers - Javelin+Shield
10x Skink Skirmishers - Javelin+Shield
11x Skink Skirmishers - Javelin + Shield
17x Saurus Warriors - Muso+Standard

9x Chameleon Skinks
9x Chameleon Skinks
9x Chameleon Skinks
3x Terradons
3x Terrradons
3x Terradons

2x Salamanders
2x Salamanders

Game 1 vs. Aaron Hodson (OK, Eventual Placing 13th) Dawn Attack:

Aaron was running a very solid ogre list but has only been to a handful of tournaments so was lacking in experience as to how to deal with Lizards. His army was:

Firebelly - L2, Scroll
Firebelly -  L2, Hellheart
Bruiser - BSB, some other stuff

9 Ironguts - FCG, Standard of Discipline
9 Buls - FCG

4 Leadbelchers
4 Mournfang
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk


The game immediately started well with myself winning the roll for table side and selecting a side with two buildings close together which should allow my Slann general to be unreachable to the Ogres. My deployment went as well as could be hoped in Dawn Attack while he did not roll anything into his right flank (he had two sixes but used them to maintain a certain battle formation). This allowed me to scout my Chameleon Skinks around his flank and set me up to control the game.

The game worked very similarly to my past game against Ogres with myself killing the sabretusks early and then denying the Ogres the ability to move whilst whittling the blocks down. The Gutstar was the first to go to the combined efforts of the camo skinks and Final Transmutation, while I death sniped the second Firebelly. On my right flank my Salamanders and some skinks danced the dance of death with his leadbelchers as the Terradons wreaked havoc in his back line and paralyzed the Mournfang. My Scar Vet also managed a rear charge into the Thundertusk which he killed.

At the end of the game I was virtually untouched but had managed to claim all of his characters, the gutstar, the leadbelchers, the thundertusk, sabretusks, and an Iron blaster
Result: 17-3 Win

Thoughts: I was off to a good start but it was due largely to Aaron's lack of familiarity with the lizardmen. Once the camo skinks managed to scout in nearly behind him and he failed to take immediate action to clear them out (I did win first turn though) the game was pretty much a certain thing.

Game 2 vs. Mal Patel (Lizardmen, Eventual Placing 2nd) Watchtower

Mal is one of the top players in NZ and definitely a chief Lizardmen, He has played at the ETC and to be honest I felt a bit out of my depth taking him on and was almost resigned to treating it as a learning experience. Mal was running:

Slann - Soul of Stone, Focused Rumination, Becalming Cogitation, BSB, Standard of Discipline, Dispel Scroll, Plaque of Protection, Aura of Quetzl

Skink Priest - Lvl 1, Cube of Darkness, Ironcurse Icon
Skink Priest, Lvl1, Dragonbane Gem, Curse Charm of Topek, Diadem of Power
Scar Vet - Cold One, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield
Scar Vet - Cold One, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Venom of the Firefly Frog

21x Skink Cohort- Muso +Standard
21x Skink Cohort - Muso+Standard
21x Skink Cohort - Muso +Standard
12x Skink Skirmishers - Javelins +Shield
12x Skink Skirmishers - Javelins + Shield
12x Skink Skirmishers - Javelins + Shield

6x Chameleon Skinks
6x Chameleon Skinks
6x Chameleon Skinks
3x Terradons
3x Terradons
3x Terradons

2x Salamanders
1x Salamander
1x Razordon

I began the game with control of the watchtower and elected to place my Saurus in there seeing as how I felt they'd be best able to weather the storm and it would prevent him from trying to assault with his larger cohorts until they were much smaller. Deployment though went poorly as Mal out-deployed, out-scouted and out vanguarded me in such a way that see my hit by a brutal volley of fire on the first turn.

The rest of the game saw me being generally outplayed as both Saurus managed to slam into my Slann bunker after some poor positioning on my part. Fortunately Slann are very hard to kill so I had plenty of turns before I had to worry too much. The game devolved into a swirling mass of skinks shooting eachother to death with Mal having the upper hand due to 1st turn, better deployment and experience. Eventualy the Saurus in the building panicked out with only 2 warriors remaining. With the clock running out of time I took desperate steps to try and get the win, flicking 6 Camo Skinks into the building to control it and casting a Purple Sun through his Scar Vet, 2 units of Skinks and into his Slann. I was becalmed but still managed to get it off and his dispel roll failed to get rid of the nuke. The vortex than travelled through his lines killing said Scar Vet and his Slann, earning me nearly 800 points in one go. Mal's final turn saw him assault the building, win the combat and myself make the break test to stay in control of the building.

Result: 15-5

Thoughts: I got lucky and that's all there was too it. Mal completely out-deployed me as I lacked knowledge both of the mirror match-up (I've never fought against a skink cloud before) and the scenario. Once the game actually started I felt my play was as good as it could be and I never lost sight of the requirement to get something into the tower, no matter the losses my army took. In the end though it was a great game and I learnt a lot just watching the way Mal moved his toys around and deployed.

Game 3 vs. Hamish Gordon (Skaven, Eventual Placing 6th) Battleline:

Hamish was running a pretty brutal Skaven Bell list that I did not at all fancy having to play due to its random movers and very high leadership. The possibility of getting Dreaded 13th was also ever present. To make matters worse I had never played against Skaven before. Hamish had:

Greyseer- Screaming Bell, Fencer's Blades, Skalm, Earthing Rod

Warplock Engineer - Doomrocket, Warp Lightning Condenser, Lvl 1
Warplock Engineer - Dispel Scroll, Lvl1 1
Warplock Engineer

40 Slaves
40 Slaves
40 Slaves
35 Stormvermin - FCG, Stormbanner
39 Clanrats - FCG

7 Gutter Runners - Slings/Poison
7 Gutter Runners - Slings/Poison
5 Gutter Runners - Slings/Poison

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon
Hellpit Abomination - Spikes

Hamish made the unusual choice to deploy his hordes in bus formations which game me hope that he would not be able to sweep me away and meant there would be more space for my army to work in. The Doomwheel was on his left flank with the HPA on his right. His Gutter Runners scouted very aggressively while I was more cautions.

I won the first turn and he instantly used the Storm Banner, buying time for his Gutter Runners who he now realised were very exposed.I achieved very little initially but in the 2nd and 3rd turns managed to destroy the gutter runners with shooting, destroy the Doomwheel who became isolated by using poison and metal magic, and execute a full zulu dawn attack on the HPA who managed to get surrounded by 8 or 9 units? Having claimed these points I realised I was up by about as much as I could hope to be and started just keeping my distance while trying to flick a miscast onto the seer or a final transmutation, but time ran out. I had killed off his chaff and 2 big rares for minimal loss and thus had found victory in a pretty bad match-up.

Result: 14-6 Win

Thoughts: Hamish really let me off the hook in this game. Had he deployed into horde formations and marched forward the first two turns I would have been screwed. However he gave me the breathing space and I took it which allowed me to concentrate fire onto his random movers as they came into range and claim the gutter runners who should never have deployed aggressively so close to a skink cloud. All in all though I was happy with my play.

So at the end of Day 1 I was sitting in second place with 46 battle points and already having played some of the lists I feared most. However I knew things would only get tougher as Day 2 would bring Blood and Glory where I was brutally close to auto-losing and Battle for the Pass where I wouldn't have very much room to use the army and would probably be pushed off the board.

To be continued........

Saturday, 30 March 2013

NATCON 2013 Results

I had the pleasure of attending NATCON 2013 this long weekend and had a great time. Just quickly I'll put the results up and thank Mike King for his good work running the event. I've got mixed feelings about my results but generally am satisfied but know I have a lot of work to do to tighten up my game. There'll be a full tournament report in the next few days. Apologies for the formatting.

Player Name Army Battle Point Total Sports Total Painting Total Overall Total
1.Sam Whitt Dark Elves116 20 16.5 76.25
2.Mal Patel Lizardmen 112 20 14 73
3.Samuel Campbell Daemons of Choas 101 20 15.5 68.25
4.Jeff Kent Lizardmen 101 20 12 66.5
5.Mark Skilton Vampire Counts 94 20 18 66
6.Hamish Gordon Skaven 91 20 11 61
7.Bo Paterson Lizardmen 85 20 15.5 60.25
8.Simon Switzer Dwarfs 89 20 11 60
9.Stuart Robinson Warriors of Choas 79 20 12.5 55.75
10.Darren Smucar Ogre Kingdoms 79 20 12 55.5
11.James Millington Warriors of Choas 77 20 13 55
12.Neil Williamson Dwarfs 79 20 10.5 54.75
13.Aaron Hodson Ogre Kingdoms 75 20 12 53.5
14.Brendon Johnston Beastmen 72 20 12 52
15.Nicholas Jebson Orcs and Goblins 64 20 12 48
16.Charlie Lloyd Tomb Kings 43 20 15.5 39.25
17.Joel McNelly Warriors of Choas 42 20 16 39
18.Fern Campbell Orcs and Goblins 16 20 14 25

Cheers and thanks to all those I had the opportunity to play.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NATCON Hopes and Dreams

Well the hour is nearly upon us with NATCON less than 24 hours away. The competition will see a field of 18 players come together in a very minimal comp environment to battle it out for sweet sweet rankings points. The top 5 lists that I am concerned about coming up against (in no particular order) are:

1. Mal Patel - Lizardmen: This is a classic Skink cloud list using a Metal Party Slann and I think he'll do well with it. I'm expecting to have to play him at some stage and am unsure of how to work the mirror match. My best option is probably pushing him out of the car when I give him a ride to the venue tomorrow morning.

2. Darren Smucar - Ogre Kingdoms: Holy shit that is a lot of Mournfang. With 14 Mournfang, a Thundertusk, a Stonehorn and no shooting or magic defence to speak of Darren has put all his eggs in one giant monstrous basket. I think he'll do well with the list though and I expect it'll be all down to my magical frogs should we play.

3. Hamish Gordon - Skaven: Hamish is bringing a fairly standard defensive Bell list complete with 2 WLC, HPA and 3 units of Gutter Runners. This is a crazy strong list and the random movers have me shitting myself to be honest.

4. Sam Whitt - Dark Elves: All aboard the BUS! Sam is rolling a coldone bus +2 Hydras army, that's pretty much it. I don't think much will be able to deal with that bus and the 2 Hydras will give a lot of army fits. Sam's also angry because his greenskins tanked at Equinox so he'll be looking to ruin some hobby.

5. Joel McNelly - Warriors of Chaos: The closest thing to chariot spam we're likely to see down in NZ and I have to admit it looks a bit intimidating. The idea of all those long charges and impact hits worries my skinks like crazy and I think he'll be able to herd me pretty effectively.

Honorable mention goes to Bo Paterson, who is running a Dread Saurian and Mark Skilton who is running a Nightmare Colossus, both out of the FW Monstrous Arcanum book. The Dread Saurian doesn't look to bad but could still cause headaches and the Nightmare Colossus looks to be as hard to deal with as a Kadaii Destroyer but costs 240 more points (so correctly pointed). All I can say is I'm glad skinks rub their javelins and darts in all kinds of nasty shit before the battle.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to an awesome 8 games, the chance to meet some of my internet warhammer buddies and to also check out the other systems on being played. My goal for the weekend? A top 5 finish would be nice. I feel I've got the army to do it but my lack of experience in general and with the army specifically will be a challenge. But hey, if Rory could win Equinox with net-list Skaven, surely I can win Natcon?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

2500 Points of Lizardmen Completed

Well with only 2 days to go I have managed to finish my Lizardmen army for Natcon. I'm very happy with how they've come out (even though I didn't paint 1/3 of them). I've tried to use a simple and effective paint scheme to hide my lack of skill and went for a very busy basing scheme which should give the army a good look when viewed as a whole. All in all very happy with the results, my one worry is the Terradons as I have no idea how I'm going to move them out of my wargaming room without destroying them. GW did not have functionality in mind when designing these models. So without further adieu, my skink cloud;

The two Skink Priests, the real heavy lifters as those Slann refuse to carry dispel scrolls or cubes of darkness. If they're real luck they'll get to cast something!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who is in charge though?

The boss Slann, can he survive a Blood and Glory?

The obligatory Scar-vet, out to destroy anyone with flaming attacks.


More Skink Cohorts ready to die annoying my opponents.

Rawr! Sallies make their way through the scrub.

Four Salamanders! Just in case I need to delete some hordes.

The fly-boys

Bad Lighting on this one

Some Skink Skirmishers with Javelins to get those sweet stand and shoots happening.

More Terradons

I've got a lot of Skinks ok?

The aerial view of Skinks

Hey those aren't Skinks!

Saurus ready to finish any survivors off

Chameleon Skinks ready to cause havoc in the rear

Sweet Sweet Blowpipes

I used different skink colours to try and show the camo skinks changing their skin tones.

The Skink Cloud Assembles!

My Right Flank

"Plan, I don't need a Plan! I can six dice Purple Sun!"

"And if that doesn't work I'll just turn them into gold!"

GoGo Scar Vet!

The left flank!

I seriously have no plan for using these Saurus this weekend. Hopefully people try to kill them.

Salamanders + Doom & Darkness =?

Combined Arms Attack

Top Gun

Every one of these models will break into 8 pieces when I put them in the car.

I can't believe the Skink looks angrier than the Scar-vet

The whole army ready for Battle!

 Thanks for having a look, there are still details to be done here and there but they're ready to fight. Cheers.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 3

The past fortnight has been a busy period for myself but for all the wrong reasons. An Army course saw me have to pull out of Equinox and spend a solid 9 days playing soldier when I really should have been playing with toy soldiers. This hasn't been the best prep for NATCON but sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do.

Purchasing +Painting

The main focus in this area for me has been completing 2500 points of Lizardmen in time for NATCON. The army is now 95% painted, including the two Slann  but is yet to be based. Once again I've gone for a difficult basing scheeme, using sand that's not the colour I actually want and thus causing myself to have to put multiple layers of paint and drybrushes on it. It's coming out well but the amount of effort needed is too much. The key lesson here is that I need to plan how I'm going to base my armies before I start painting them in order to save time. I've shown below a few shots of my Slann nearly finished.

and Tweedle-dum

In terms of purchasing I sold off the Ogres I had bought at cost to my my mate Brendon as I wasn't really too interested in them and bought a few GW buildings to liven up my wargaming table. Impassable terrain is so much fun when you have skirmishers on the table I decided I just needed to get more!


I've only managed one game in the last two weeks due to my hectic schedule and that was a Watchtower scenario against my mate's Beastmen. I've been worrying about this scenario for a while now with my lizards as I'm unsure of my ability to hold or clear a watchtower. The game saw me start with control of the watchtower and I elected to put my Saurus in there.They were dead by turn 2 or 3 but the amount of chaff I could sacrifice allowed me to sneakily get a unit into the watchtower and lead his combat blocks around the thing to win the game. That being said I am still not confident about how to handle this mission. My opponent did point out though that any army that starts with the watchtower against myself is likely to get burned alive due the salamanders re-rolling to wound for 6 turns. All in all though I think I managed to figure out a few tricks which should see me at least compete in this scenario.

News/New Releases

It's been all quiet on the new releases front this period with WHFB getting a break as GW focuses on 40k for the next couple of months. The two main pieces of news in the NZ Community are the launch of The Fields of Blood ranking system and the results from Equinox.

Pete Dunn and his offspring have taken over the rankings for WHFB and 40k due to RHQ now going to a user-pays system. This is awesome stuff from them and I'd just like to say thank you very much for this Pete and co. You can find the link below:

The other big news was the results of the fiercely contested Equinox tournament, which saw the top 5 spots being dominated by Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Dwarves. The general consensus appears to be that the power level of WoC has increased steeply with the release of the new book and many players are now scrambling to find counters for the very hard Nurgle Daemon Prince. We didn't see too many chariot spam lists but I suspect these will also be very powerful. The other non-surprise was how well Chaos Dwarves did. They are a very powerful army that can claim 20-0's with ease if you're army isn't designed to deal with them and I suspect they will continue to be a top tier army in NZ for the foreseeable future. You can find the results of Equinox below:

Future Plans

I am now committed to umpiring the WHFB tournament at NICON 2013 and have four entrants confirmed so far and a huge amount of interest. If you're interested in playing at this event I urge you to get in quick as after March 31st the prices for entry start to go up. This should be a great weekend and I'd love to have you there. I am still undecided as to whether or not I will play in my own tournament and any advice on this is definitely welcome. I have a busy tournament schedule planned with NATCON this weekend, Runefang at the end of April, TBM in Tauranga in May, NICON in June and Tin Soldier up in Auckland in June. Furthermore I am looking at running a small tournament in July to coincide with Panzerschrek in Palmerston North.

On the hobby front, once my Lizards are completed I will finally get cracking on my filthy Skaven who have been sitting in my closet for over a year now. I hear any idiot can win a tournament with them....

Final Thoughts

My main thoughts going forward this week are to do with what Comp may need to be placed on WoC/DoC to make them consistent with the standard NZ power level. At this stage I still think it's too early to tell but it should become more clear after NATCON and Runefang. The key is as always to let people take their toys but to limit any overly abusive builds. I also think the use of scenarios is key to limiting extreme builds and that this viewpoint is vindicated by reports from the states (where only battleline is used) of WoC Chariot armies destroying everything they touch. A good insight into how this interacts with the use of scenarios can be read about below:

I come down firmly in favour of scenarios for the record.

Well that's all for this fortnight (which was unfortunately quiet). The next one though should be packed with pictures of my Lizardmen, a tournament report from NATCON, as well as a few Battle Reports against Dwarves and Ogres. Thanks for reading and as per usual am keen to hear from yall.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NICON 2013 Player's Pack

Earlier this week I e-mailed a few people to find out how to register to play WHFB at NICON this year in beautiful Napier. After a few quick e-mails I found out that there was no umpire for the competition and that somebody would need to step up if there was to be a fantasy competition. That man became me.

I'm happy to be umpiring the NICON 2013 WHFB tournament over Queen's Birthday weekend in Napier and would love to have you along.

The first thing I did after agreeing to umpire the tournament was excitedly think of new and alternative comp systems I could use to fix Warhammer. I was so sure that I could do something awesome and really shake things up. I considered both Swedish Comp and SCGT 13 Comp but in the end decided against for a few reasons.

  • The rapid release of WoC and DoC early in the year means that neither of these comp systems will properly account for these two armies. Making Swedish Comp totally unworkable and SCGT13 likely to be far too kind to WoC/DoC since it comps some armies very harshly.
  • The more I looked at the heavier comp systems out there I realised I wouldn't want to play using them myself since I want to take the toys I have.
So I capitulated overnight and have gone with a Pete-Lite comp system for the tournament.

Obama 2008 vs Obama 2012. This is what happened to me overnight on Twitter thanks to Pete Dunn.
That being said I'm keen to look at running an event in the future using SCGT or Swedish Comp once the release schedule slows down.

On another note, if anyone has any good ideas for software to help run the tournament please let me know as I'm a bit new to this.

So without further adieu, you can find the player pack link below:

NICON 2013 WHFB Player's Pack

So come along for the weekend, have a great time and bring the family as James B. and I are sending our WaGs on wine tours and they could use some company. Also if you actually need another reason to come along, my girlfriend has promised to bake warhammer themed cupcakes for all entrants.

She doesn't know it yet but she has 10 weeks to learn how to do this.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 2

I've been a busy wargamer these last few weeks, though the fortnight was disappointing as I will no longer be able to attend Equinox due to work commitments.

Purchasing + Painting

I am not supposed to be buying any models this year since I am once again an impoverished student. I still can't resist a deal though and picked up 2 boxes of Leadbelchers, 2 boxes of mournfang and an OK Batallion for $160 AUD. In addition I saw some Mantic Goblins being sold at 40% at so picked up 40 of them. I now pretty much own an OK army. To be honest I don't see myself actually playing them and will likely sell the army on and make a bit of coin. That being said a shooty OK could be tempting............

Speaking of the Mantic Goblins, they're actually not bad models and I think I'd use them as gnoblars quite happily. I'll be painting a few up in the next few days so that everyone can see how they come out.

If this guy plays his cards right he could be a Gnoblar!

Painting and Hobby has seen me focussing on my new Lizardmen. I have done weapon swaps and re-painted 60 skinks meaning the army is now pretty much finished with only a handful of models needing any paint. I've started basing the army and should be done well before Natcon. What that does leave me needing to make is a display board. I am unimpressed that NATCON is judging painting and allocating up to 5 points on your display board. I get that its nice to have well painted armies on the table but how does a display board fit into that? By all means let the guys who enjoy that sort of thing make their dioramas and get voted Best Army but I think it might be a bit unnecessary otherwise.


I've only managed two games of warhammer and one game of FoG Napoleonics in the last two weeks which is still a bit disappointing. Both games of fantasy were with a skink cloud lizard list and I think I've settled firmly on a list (including the Slann(s)' lores) for Natcon.  I'm really enjoying playing with this list and the manueverability it posesses. It feels like a flexible guerilla army fighting superior but cumbersome enemies. It's hard not to find some 25mm Viet Cong and do some hat swaps.

Would that make my Slann Uncle Ho?
I've also gotten some new Lord of the Rings adventure packs and am working my way through the Mirkwood Cycle. I really can't recommend this card game enough for all the other nerds out there, it's a great balance of deck building, resource management etc. and best of all it plays well solo (since as nerds we have no friends.) That said my girlfriend has played a few games with me and I think its growing on her.

New Releases

It's been pretty quiet on the models front for New Releases with the big news being the Daemons rules.  My first impression is that the army remains powerful but is now a lot more random. As an OnG player I understand how GW does this but the question is are the units efficient enough to compensate for the randomness throughout the army? At this stage I'm not convinced they are, or if so only very specific builds will be. The other news is that the rumours are all pointing towards High Elves in June and Lizardmen at the end of the year. I think that HE definitely deserve another book but am less enthused about Lizards being re-written. This is probably due to the fact that I am only now discovering the joys of reptilian cheese.

Mazdamundi is un-enthused by the inevitable Stega-Cannon
Future Plans

I've just registered for Runefang 6 being run by Pete Dunn at the end of April. I'm pretty sure I'll be using my lizards. As well I am still all set for NatCon over easter and can't wait to get 8 games away in one weekend. I plan to finish my Lizards before this which will mean that I can at last move onto my Skaven. More locally a few of us are having a mini tournament next Saturday, where the twist will be that everyone brings all of their armies which go into a pool so that the army you use each round is random. This should be a lot of fun and let people learn a few things about how different armies in the game work. Finally, I'm wondering what the interest would be for a small Fantasy tournament in Palmerston North running concurrently with Panzerschrek in July? It would be good to give the local community a bit of a jump start.

Final Thoughts

I have a mate coming over tomorrow night who's keen to play Fantasy for the first time. What's the best way to introduce someone to warhammer if they're a relative noob when it comes to tabletop wargaming? I'm thinking reduced army sizes and focusing mainly on push it forward combat before moving on to the finer points. Would I be better off throwing him in the deep end? Any ideas are welcome.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Lizardmen vs. Empire 2500 points

Empire vs. Lizardmen

Scenario: Battleline
Date played: Friday, 8 March 2013

General: Regan
  (GotE) General of the Empire
      - 5++, Sword of Might

  (BWL) Battle Wizard Lord
      - 4++, Power Scroll, Lore of Beasts, Level 4

  (B) BSB
      - Plate Armour, GW

  (W) Wizard
      - Dispel Scroll, Lore of FIre

  (H1) 45 Halberdiers
      - FCG

  (C1) 12 Crossbowmen

  (C2) 12 Crossbowmen

  (H2) 12 Handgunners

  (D) 4 Demigrpyhs
      - FCG

  (G) 30 Greatswords
      - FCG

  (GC1) Great Cannon

  (GC2) Great Cannon

  (H3) Helblaster

  (HRB) Helstorm Rocket Battery

  Total: 2500 points

General: Jeff
  (S1) Slann
      - General, BSB, Lore of Death, Becalming Cogitation, Cupped Hands

  (S2) Slann
      - Lore of Metal, Focused Rumination

  (SP1) Skink Priest
      - Dispel Scroll

  (SP2) Skink Priest
      - Cube of Darkness

  (SV) Scar Vet
      - Dragonhelm, Great Weapon, Amulet of Itzl, Venom of the Firefly Frog, Shield, Cold One

  (SW) 17 Saurus Warriors
      - Muso+Standard

  (SC1) 10 Skink Cohort

  (SC2) 10 Skink Cohort

  (SC3) 11 Skink Cohort

  (SS1) 10 Skink Skirmishers

  (SS2) 10 Skink Skirmishers

  (SS3) 11 Skink Skirmishers

  (CS1) 9 Chameleon Skinks

  (CS2) 9 Chameleon Skinks

  (CS3) 9 Chameleon Skinks

  (T1) 3 Terradons

  (T2) 3 Terradons

  (T3) 3 Terradons

  (S3) 2 Salamanders

  (S4) 2 Salamanders

  Total: 2499 points


1. Deployment

Brendon won the roll for table sides much to his advantage. I had really been hoping I could claim the buildings for my Slann to hide from cannons. Deployment saw me to opt to scout the Camo Skinks and Terradons forward aggressively with the hope of getting behind him as soon as possible and negating the war machines. I figured if I could get behind him without any major losses in the first two turns I would be set for a good win. We rolled to see who went first and Regan won.

Turn 1 - Empire

1. Movement

The Demigryphs declared a charge against the Camo Skinks which I was forced to flee from and I already regretted placing those two units there. The Greatswords and Halberds advanced forward to get within General and BSB range of eachother while the rest of the army stayed still.

2. Magic

Regan hurled some fireballs and a ruby ring at SC2 but I managed to prevent any damage being done.

3. Shooting

Regan shoots Slann 1 (S1) which is my general/bsb. I have positioned him so that most cannon balls should bounce through the Skirmishers in front and provided a bit of protection. Regan rolls the first die which comes up 8, thus bypassing the skink shield. I then fail my Look out sir, am wounded, fail my ward save and Regan rolls 4 wounds to take my General off with the first shot. Then the exact same thing happens to my second Slann except Regan only does 1 wound. The Helstorm unleashes on SC2, killing 4 but they stand bravely while the rest of his shooting has minimal effect due to the range and my skirmishing.

4. Combat


Turn 1 - Lizardmen

1. Movement

I swarmed my Terradons and Camo Skinks around his right flank while the rest of my army advanced up to start causing trouble. Both of my units of Camo Skinks rallied. My terradons dropped rocks on his cannon and did a wound.

2. Magic

I roll a 7 for Winds of Magic and first cast Gehenna's hounds , Regan lets it through and I do one wound. I then cast a big Searing Doom with my remaining dice (6) and fail to cast.

3. Shooting

The Camo Skinks and Terradons unleash on the Handgunners killing half the unit, but they make their panic test. The Salamanders kill 11 Greatswords with some good flaming attacks but they also make their panic test. Finally S3 causes 2 casualties on the Halberdiers who make their panic test. Not a bad turn but I'd really hoped for at least one paniced unit.

4. Combat


Turn 2 - Empire

1. Movement

The Demigryphs charge the Salamanders who flee a full 12" through the Saurus who also panic and fail their test. The Halberdiers move forward a full 8" smelling blood. On the other side of the table the Greatswords charge SC2 who flees and redirect onto SS2 who stand and the charge fails.

2. Magic

A Flock of Doom is cast at my Slann which I use a dispel scroll on and my dice to stop the fire wizard from casting.

3. Shooting

A Cannon shoots at my Scar Vet which hits and wounds but is shaken off thanks to the Amulet of Itzl, the second cannon unleashes grapeshot into the Terradons killing 2. The crossbows fire at my Slann and take a wound off despite LoS, and the Handgunners fire on SS3 trying to snipe out my Skink Priest.

4. Combat


Turn 2 - Lizardmen

1. Movement

Both the Salamanders and the Saurus fail to rally and continue fleeing. The terradons charge his war machines while the rest of my army begins swarming around his blocks.

2. Magic

I roll double 1's for wind of magic, cast searing doom at the Demigryphs, get it off but he uses his dispel scroll.

3. Shooting

The Camo Skinks open up on the Demigryphs and manage to kill one, causing a panic test which they fail. The Skink Skirmishers and Terradon kill the Cannon. The Salamanders and skinks open up on the Greatswords killing 10, leaving the unit very depleted. The other Skinks hit the Halberds and lay on 7 more casualties. Finally the other Camo Skinks hit the Handgunners, leaving only one left and the wizard.

4. Combat

I take out both War Machines but tragically only move 2" and 3" in my over run so will bear the full brunt of his crossbows and helblaster next turn.

Turn 3 - Empire

1. Movement

The BSB charges the Saurus off the board while the Demigryphs rally. The Greatswords reform and desperately make for the safety of the building but are unable to make it.

2. Magic

SC2 cops another fireball and there are now only 2-3 left. He casts Flock of Doom on the Slann and takes a wound off.

3. Shooting

The Helblaster and Crossbows open up on the Terradons, leaving each unit with one Terradon left and both fleeing.

4. Combat


Turn 3 - Lizardmen

1. Movement

My Salamanders fail to rally again and finally flee off the board. My Scar Vet attempts a charge on the rear of the Greatswords but fails. The rest of my army moves in for the kill. My Skink Priest moves to redirect the Demigryphs and give the Slann time to escampe. My terradons rally and drop rocks on the handgunners, wiping the unit out.

2. Magic

I roll decently for the winds of magic but in the end only manage to get a small searing doom off against the demigrpyhs, I roll two ones in a row meaning no wounds are caused.

3. Shooting

I kill a few more Greatswords but not many as my templates overshoot. I reduce the Crossbowmen on the hill to four and my fire into the Halbers and other Crossbowmen greatly reduce their numbers.,

4. Combat


Turn 4 - Empire

1. Movement

The Halberdiers and Demigryphs both charge and I hold my ground.

2. Magic

Regan casts transformation of Khadon and his Wizard becomes a black hydra. I'm not fussed.

3. Shooting

Regan's crossbowmen shoot up SC2, destroy the unit and cause both S4 and SS3 to panic!.

4. Combat

The empire makes mince-meat of me and reforms to get my Slann.

Turn 4 - Lizardmen

1. Movement

My Scar Vet charges into the remaining Greatswords, confident of success against the General. The rest of my army swarms the Halberdiers and Crossbowmen while my Slann runs from the Empire troops so he can flee safely next turn.

2. Magic

I roll 12 for winds of magic and finally get a good phase off. I cast Final Transmuation on the Halberdiers and kill half the unit. I then use Searing Doom and Gehenna's Golden hounds to kill the BSB.

3. Shooting

A hail of poisoned Javelins and Darts finishes the Halberdiers and the Arch-Wizard. In the other firefights both units of crossbowmen are now fleeing.

4. Combat

My Scar Vet challenges the General, who accepts and I inflict two wounds on for none in return. They hold the building though after they pass their break test.

Turn 5 - Empire

1. Movement

The Demigryphs charge the Slann who flees and redirect into the Skink Cohort that also flees. One unit of crossbowmen continues fleeing while the other rallies.

2. Magic


3. Shooting


4. Combat


Turn 5 - Lizardmen

1. Movement

The Scar Vet charges back into the building while the rest of my army swarms around the remaining Empire troops. My Slann rallies and prepares to unleash a blast of magic on the demigryphs.

2. Magic

I throw everything I've got at the Demigryph's and kill 2, leaving the last one one 2 wounds.

3. Shooting

I finish off both crossbow units and inflict a further wound on the Demigryph.

4. Combat

The Scar Vet challenges again, which the Greatsword unit champion accepts. I kill him easily and win the combat forcing the last greatswords and General to flee.


At this point we called it a game as the next turn would have seen me get everything and it was time to pack up. I owe this win more to my army which proved incredibly resilient in the face of some bad luck and Regan getting over-excited and trying to capitalise when he should have sat back than my own skill. That being said I think that due to the lack of units he possessed I always had a way back into the game if I could manuever right. I was impressed by the Lore of Metal when it worked and can see how it is an auto-include considering the meta. All in all an enjoyable game and I think I am getting a better handle on how to run these skinks. I hope you enjoyed and as always any feedback is welcome.

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