Tuesday, 26 March 2013

2500 Points of Lizardmen Completed

Well with only 2 days to go I have managed to finish my Lizardmen army for Natcon. I'm very happy with how they've come out (even though I didn't paint 1/3 of them). I've tried to use a simple and effective paint scheme to hide my lack of skill and went for a very busy basing scheme which should give the army a good look when viewed as a whole. All in all very happy with the results, my one worry is the Terradons as I have no idea how I'm going to move them out of my wargaming room without destroying them. GW did not have functionality in mind when designing these models. So without further adieu, my skink cloud;

The two Skink Priests, the real heavy lifters as those Slann refuse to carry dispel scrolls or cubes of darkness. If they're real luck they'll get to cast something!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who is in charge though?

The boss Slann, can he survive a Blood and Glory?

The obligatory Scar-vet, out to destroy anyone with flaming attacks.


More Skink Cohorts ready to die annoying my opponents.

Rawr! Sallies make their way through the scrub.

Four Salamanders! Just in case I need to delete some hordes.

The fly-boys

Bad Lighting on this one

Some Skink Skirmishers with Javelins to get those sweet stand and shoots happening.

More Terradons

I've got a lot of Skinks ok?

The aerial view of Skinks

Hey those aren't Skinks!

Saurus ready to finish any survivors off

Chameleon Skinks ready to cause havoc in the rear

Sweet Sweet Blowpipes

I used different skink colours to try and show the camo skinks changing their skin tones.

The Skink Cloud Assembles!

My Right Flank

"Plan, I don't need a Plan! I can six dice Purple Sun!"

"And if that doesn't work I'll just turn them into gold!"

GoGo Scar Vet!

The left flank!

I seriously have no plan for using these Saurus this weekend. Hopefully people try to kill them.

Salamanders + Doom & Darkness =?

Combined Arms Attack

Top Gun

Every one of these models will break into 8 pieces when I put them in the car.

I can't believe the Skink looks angrier than the Scar-vet

The whole army ready for Battle!

 Thanks for having a look, there are still details to be done here and there but they're ready to fight. Cheers.


  1. Fantastic looking army Jeff. Great work on the basing and movement trays the overall effect is really good and very coherent. Mind you it is a filthy army to play against...

    ... going to have to invite myself round to your place to try out that gaming table at some stage

  2. Thanks John, I can't take all the credit as some of the painting isn't mine, but I went all out on the basing to take away from my inadequacies as a painter (shaky hands from a lot of explosions I think). And you're right, it's an army built for only one purpose....

    Mate you're welcome to come around anytime, hell I'd be keen for a game tonight...

  3. On home duty tonight earning brownie points b4 i depart for a weekend of gaming. How we organise something at the club next week.

  4. Aren't the Saurus there to convey 4+ LOS for each of the Slaan....that's the usual plan