Friday, 1 March 2013

Equinox 2013 Army Breakdown Guesses

Hello All, due to having some spare time I have gone through the Equinox 2013 entry list in order to try and figure out what armies we can be expecting. Using Rankings HQ and common knowledge I've put together a guesstimate of what armies should be there based on what people have played in the past.

Obligatory Pie Chart

From this rough guess I'm picking that you're army is going to have to be able to deal with OK, WoC, OnG and LM. At the end of the day though it predicts a pretty even mix of armies. I think though that we will see more WoC, Empire and OK than predicted due to new army books and shifting meta. There could also be a few more Daemon armies out to get their last hurrah.

What does it mean for me? Another tortured night trying to decide on the right lore for my Slann(s)?

Thankfully there appears to be little chance of vanilla dwarves making an appearance.


  1. I'm glad your bringing Lizards Jeff..

  2. I still have no idea how to deal with a K'daii Destroyer, my main tool will be avoiding Chaos Dorfs.

    1. I plan to throw scar vets at it. I like your idea of avoiding them altogether, will this see you hiding outside the hall for an entire game and then claiming you were unable to find your opponent? Because I tried this, and Richard Barby was much better at hide and seek than I was.

    2. Poison is your friend.

    3. That too, I'm really not too worried about the Kadaii with this list.

    4. I know mine would be cowering in a corner.