Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 2

I've been a busy wargamer these last few weeks, though the fortnight was disappointing as I will no longer be able to attend Equinox due to work commitments.

Purchasing + Painting

I am not supposed to be buying any models this year since I am once again an impoverished student. I still can't resist a deal though and picked up 2 boxes of Leadbelchers, 2 boxes of mournfang and an OK Batallion for $160 AUD. In addition I saw some Mantic Goblins being sold at 40% at so picked up 40 of them. I now pretty much own an OK army. To be honest I don't see myself actually playing them and will likely sell the army on and make a bit of coin. That being said a shooty OK could be tempting............

Speaking of the Mantic Goblins, they're actually not bad models and I think I'd use them as gnoblars quite happily. I'll be painting a few up in the next few days so that everyone can see how they come out.

If this guy plays his cards right he could be a Gnoblar!

Painting and Hobby has seen me focussing on my new Lizardmen. I have done weapon swaps and re-painted 60 skinks meaning the army is now pretty much finished with only a handful of models needing any paint. I've started basing the army and should be done well before Natcon. What that does leave me needing to make is a display board. I am unimpressed that NATCON is judging painting and allocating up to 5 points on your display board. I get that its nice to have well painted armies on the table but how does a display board fit into that? By all means let the guys who enjoy that sort of thing make their dioramas and get voted Best Army but I think it might be a bit unnecessary otherwise.


I've only managed two games of warhammer and one game of FoG Napoleonics in the last two weeks which is still a bit disappointing. Both games of fantasy were with a skink cloud lizard list and I think I've settled firmly on a list (including the Slann(s)' lores) for Natcon.  I'm really enjoying playing with this list and the manueverability it posesses. It feels like a flexible guerilla army fighting superior but cumbersome enemies. It's hard not to find some 25mm Viet Cong and do some hat swaps.

Would that make my Slann Uncle Ho?
I've also gotten some new Lord of the Rings adventure packs and am working my way through the Mirkwood Cycle. I really can't recommend this card game enough for all the other nerds out there, it's a great balance of deck building, resource management etc. and best of all it plays well solo (since as nerds we have no friends.) That said my girlfriend has played a few games with me and I think its growing on her.

New Releases

It's been pretty quiet on the models front for New Releases with the big news being the Daemons rules.  My first impression is that the army remains powerful but is now a lot more random. As an OnG player I understand how GW does this but the question is are the units efficient enough to compensate for the randomness throughout the army? At this stage I'm not convinced they are, or if so only very specific builds will be. The other news is that the rumours are all pointing towards High Elves in June and Lizardmen at the end of the year. I think that HE definitely deserve another book but am less enthused about Lizards being re-written. This is probably due to the fact that I am only now discovering the joys of reptilian cheese.

Mazdamundi is un-enthused by the inevitable Stega-Cannon
Future Plans

I've just registered for Runefang 6 being run by Pete Dunn at the end of April. I'm pretty sure I'll be using my lizards. As well I am still all set for NatCon over easter and can't wait to get 8 games away in one weekend. I plan to finish my Lizards before this which will mean that I can at last move onto my Skaven. More locally a few of us are having a mini tournament next Saturday, where the twist will be that everyone brings all of their armies which go into a pool so that the army you use each round is random. This should be a lot of fun and let people learn a few things about how different armies in the game work. Finally, I'm wondering what the interest would be for a small Fantasy tournament in Palmerston North running concurrently with Panzerschrek in July? It would be good to give the local community a bit of a jump start.

Final Thoughts

I have a mate coming over tomorrow night who's keen to play Fantasy for the first time. What's the best way to introduce someone to warhammer if they're a relative noob when it comes to tabletop wargaming? I'm thinking reduced army sizes and focusing mainly on push it forward combat before moving on to the finer points. Would I be better off throwing him in the deep end? Any ideas are welcome.


  1. Smallish forces. Perhaps units of three ranks so hopefully when you get to combat you can still work out ranks to go through the full combat process. I would say at first one no characters a unit of missile troops, combat and cavalry to get a real feel for each phase.

  2. Don't make it too complicated and don't pick any overly cheesy armies (leave the Skink skirmishers in their boxes). 1000 points would be ideal, gives the feeling of an army without the match going on forever as you have to stop to explain things.