Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 3

The past fortnight has been a busy period for myself but for all the wrong reasons. An Army course saw me have to pull out of Equinox and spend a solid 9 days playing soldier when I really should have been playing with toy soldiers. This hasn't been the best prep for NATCON but sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do.

Purchasing +Painting

The main focus in this area for me has been completing 2500 points of Lizardmen in time for NATCON. The army is now 95% painted, including the two Slann  but is yet to be based. Once again I've gone for a difficult basing scheeme, using sand that's not the colour I actually want and thus causing myself to have to put multiple layers of paint and drybrushes on it. It's coming out well but the amount of effort needed is too much. The key lesson here is that I need to plan how I'm going to base my armies before I start painting them in order to save time. I've shown below a few shots of my Slann nearly finished.

and Tweedle-dum

In terms of purchasing I sold off the Ogres I had bought at cost to my my mate Brendon as I wasn't really too interested in them and bought a few GW buildings to liven up my wargaming table. Impassable terrain is so much fun when you have skirmishers on the table I decided I just needed to get more!


I've only managed one game in the last two weeks due to my hectic schedule and that was a Watchtower scenario against my mate's Beastmen. I've been worrying about this scenario for a while now with my lizards as I'm unsure of my ability to hold or clear a watchtower. The game saw me start with control of the watchtower and I elected to put my Saurus in there.They were dead by turn 2 or 3 but the amount of chaff I could sacrifice allowed me to sneakily get a unit into the watchtower and lead his combat blocks around the thing to win the game. That being said I am still not confident about how to handle this mission. My opponent did point out though that any army that starts with the watchtower against myself is likely to get burned alive due the salamanders re-rolling to wound for 6 turns. All in all though I think I managed to figure out a few tricks which should see me at least compete in this scenario.

News/New Releases

It's been all quiet on the new releases front this period with WHFB getting a break as GW focuses on 40k for the next couple of months. The two main pieces of news in the NZ Community are the launch of The Fields of Blood ranking system and the results from Equinox.

Pete Dunn and his offspring have taken over the rankings for WHFB and 40k due to RHQ now going to a user-pays system. This is awesome stuff from them and I'd just like to say thank you very much for this Pete and co. You can find the link below:

The other big news was the results of the fiercely contested Equinox tournament, which saw the top 5 spots being dominated by Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Dwarves. The general consensus appears to be that the power level of WoC has increased steeply with the release of the new book and many players are now scrambling to find counters for the very hard Nurgle Daemon Prince. We didn't see too many chariot spam lists but I suspect these will also be very powerful. The other non-surprise was how well Chaos Dwarves did. They are a very powerful army that can claim 20-0's with ease if you're army isn't designed to deal with them and I suspect they will continue to be a top tier army in NZ for the foreseeable future. You can find the results of Equinox below:

Future Plans

I am now committed to umpiring the WHFB tournament at NICON 2013 and have four entrants confirmed so far and a huge amount of interest. If you're interested in playing at this event I urge you to get in quick as after March 31st the prices for entry start to go up. This should be a great weekend and I'd love to have you there. I am still undecided as to whether or not I will play in my own tournament and any advice on this is definitely welcome. I have a busy tournament schedule planned with NATCON this weekend, Runefang at the end of April, TBM in Tauranga in May, NICON in June and Tin Soldier up in Auckland in June. Furthermore I am looking at running a small tournament in July to coincide with Panzerschrek in Palmerston North.

On the hobby front, once my Lizards are completed I will finally get cracking on my filthy Skaven who have been sitting in my closet for over a year now. I hear any idiot can win a tournament with them....

Final Thoughts

My main thoughts going forward this week are to do with what Comp may need to be placed on WoC/DoC to make them consistent with the standard NZ power level. At this stage I still think it's too early to tell but it should become more clear after NATCON and Runefang. The key is as always to let people take their toys but to limit any overly abusive builds. I also think the use of scenarios is key to limiting extreme builds and that this viewpoint is vindicated by reports from the states (where only battleline is used) of WoC Chariot armies destroying everything they touch. A good insight into how this interacts with the use of scenarios can be read about below:

I come down firmly in favour of scenarios for the record.

Well that's all for this fortnight (which was unfortunately quiet). The next one though should be packed with pictures of my Lizardmen, a tournament report from NATCON, as well as a few Battle Reports against Dwarves and Ogres. Thanks for reading and as per usual am keen to hear from yall.



  1. I'm looking to sign up for NiCon this week Jeff. At our recent campaign weekend there was strong interest from a Welly contingent to come up.

    Horned Rat (Umpire Raymond Dick) is here in Welly on June 22/23