Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NATCON Hopes and Dreams

Well the hour is nearly upon us with NATCON less than 24 hours away. The competition will see a field of 18 players come together in a very minimal comp environment to battle it out for sweet sweet rankings points. The top 5 lists that I am concerned about coming up against (in no particular order) are:

1. Mal Patel - Lizardmen: This is a classic Skink cloud list using a Metal Party Slann and I think he'll do well with it. I'm expecting to have to play him at some stage and am unsure of how to work the mirror match. My best option is probably pushing him out of the car when I give him a ride to the venue tomorrow morning.

2. Darren Smucar - Ogre Kingdoms: Holy shit that is a lot of Mournfang. With 14 Mournfang, a Thundertusk, a Stonehorn and no shooting or magic defence to speak of Darren has put all his eggs in one giant monstrous basket. I think he'll do well with the list though and I expect it'll be all down to my magical frogs should we play.

3. Hamish Gordon - Skaven: Hamish is bringing a fairly standard defensive Bell list complete with 2 WLC, HPA and 3 units of Gutter Runners. This is a crazy strong list and the random movers have me shitting myself to be honest.

4. Sam Whitt - Dark Elves: All aboard the BUS! Sam is rolling a coldone bus +2 Hydras army, that's pretty much it. I don't think much will be able to deal with that bus and the 2 Hydras will give a lot of army fits. Sam's also angry because his greenskins tanked at Equinox so he'll be looking to ruin some hobby.

5. Joel McNelly - Warriors of Chaos: The closest thing to chariot spam we're likely to see down in NZ and I have to admit it looks a bit intimidating. The idea of all those long charges and impact hits worries my skinks like crazy and I think he'll be able to herd me pretty effectively.

Honorable mention goes to Bo Paterson, who is running a Dread Saurian and Mark Skilton who is running a Nightmare Colossus, both out of the FW Monstrous Arcanum book. The Dread Saurian doesn't look to bad but could still cause headaches and the Nightmare Colossus looks to be as hard to deal with as a Kadaii Destroyer but costs 240 more points (so correctly pointed). All I can say is I'm glad skinks rub their javelins and darts in all kinds of nasty shit before the battle.

Anyways I'm really looking forward to an awesome 8 games, the chance to meet some of my internet warhammer buddies and to also check out the other systems on being played. My goal for the weekend? A top 5 finish would be nice. I feel I've got the army to do it but my lack of experience in general and with the army specifically will be a challenge. But hey, if Rory could win Equinox with net-list Skaven, surely I can win Natcon?


  1. I think the biggest issue you'll find with Darren Smucar's list isn't the MF Spam, but rather Darren's "interesting" interpretation of the rules, and distance. Hopefully that's changed in three years since I last played saw him but I don't have high hopes...

    Otherwise I think you'll do pretty well. Noone knows how to herd Skinks, so you'll be fine.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, I'm hopeful all will be well though.

  2. Replies
    1. I guess someone had to >.<, now if only you had cannons.....

    2. Fingers crossed they put it in next edition.

  3. Jeff, if you don't finish in the Top Five then you probably want to re-think your participation in the hobby. You'd be better focusing on the painting side

    1. But I'm an awful painter... oh wait, I see. Yeah the problem with taking the biggest crutch list I could think of is that there's really nowhere to hide if I fail spectacularly. Blaming Animosity isn't going to fly...

      That said should I bomb out, I will become a Fun At All Costs gamer and hurl abuse at people who play but don't even have fun (anyone who wins) and vocally advocate the return of soft comp! I also think it would be cool if you had to dress up in theme with your army.

      P.S. I think you'd look great dressed up as Splinter from TMNT