Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NICON 2013 Player's Pack

Earlier this week I e-mailed a few people to find out how to register to play WHFB at NICON this year in beautiful Napier. After a few quick e-mails I found out that there was no umpire for the competition and that somebody would need to step up if there was to be a fantasy competition. That man became me.

I'm happy to be umpiring the NICON 2013 WHFB tournament over Queen's Birthday weekend in Napier and would love to have you along.

The first thing I did after agreeing to umpire the tournament was excitedly think of new and alternative comp systems I could use to fix Warhammer. I was so sure that I could do something awesome and really shake things up. I considered both Swedish Comp and SCGT 13 Comp but in the end decided against for a few reasons.

  • The rapid release of WoC and DoC early in the year means that neither of these comp systems will properly account for these two armies. Making Swedish Comp totally unworkable and SCGT13 likely to be far too kind to WoC/DoC since it comps some armies very harshly.
  • The more I looked at the heavier comp systems out there I realised I wouldn't want to play using them myself since I want to take the toys I have.
So I capitulated overnight and have gone with a Pete-Lite comp system for the tournament.

Obama 2008 vs Obama 2012. This is what happened to me overnight on Twitter thanks to Pete Dunn.
That being said I'm keen to look at running an event in the future using SCGT or Swedish Comp once the release schedule slows down.

On another note, if anyone has any good ideas for software to help run the tournament please let me know as I'm a bit new to this.

So without further adieu, you can find the player pack link below:

NICON 2013 WHFB Player's Pack

So come along for the weekend, have a great time and bring the family as James B. and I are sending our WaGs on wine tours and they could use some company. Also if you actually need another reason to come along, my girlfriend has promised to bake warhammer themed cupcakes for all entrants.

She doesn't know it yet but she has 10 weeks to learn how to do this.


  1. Jeff,

    I have a copy of the original Overlord that I can let you have. Remind me at Runefang, bring a flash drive and I can run you through it.


  2. I can't believe you caved to Pete's pressure on Twitter and let the filthy skaven in uncomped... ha ha

    1. I think Skaven are steadily getting less potent due to the shift in meta towards MC etc. The more I look at the comp I think the Lizards are probably the most able to filth it up.

      I'm gonna see about running a wacky comp tourney in July so stay tuned.......

  3. I'm warhammering and whining of the grape varietal Jeff. Would have handed you my cash this weekend. Take my money someone...


    mmmm cupcakes...

    1. Awesome Phil, will be good to have you there.