Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Real Life 1 - Warhammer 0

Well when I arrived at work today I found out that I had been accepted for a course which I will need to get promoted, the bad news though is it starts on the 16th of March, the same day as Equinox!

I really can't afford to not go (financially or professionally) so have had to withdraw from the tourney. I'm gutted as this looked like it was going to be an awesome weekend. That being said I am still on for Natcon.

Finally a message to my competitors for Warhammer Celebrity, Sam, James, Rory and Tim...

I know right now that you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, but I hope that as one of you holds up the celebrity trophy, be it a beer mug or oversized T-shirt of wolves howling, that you remember that, somewhere in a shitty town north of Wellington, there is a gamer who is better looking and more mentally agile than you, carrying a log through a river for no apparent reason and plotting his revenge.

While you sit inside and drink Energy Drinks I am getting stronger!

Cheers. Jeff


  1. Lol, you'll be missed Jeff, glad to hear you're on the road to promotion though, well done.

  2. Mate that totally sucks... almost as bad as Palmerston North.
    I literally can't think of anything worse, not being able to play Warhammer and stuck in Palmy...Hell-on-Earth!
    What you may not realise is that I'm weight training four mornings per week with Henry Poor, metamorphosing into a true Warhammer athlete. As I hone my body I sharpen my mind.
    Look out Equinox....Stallone is here.

  3. Fate choosing to punish you for no party Slaan? Hard luck on the timing buddy, I'll just split my woodies into two 1200pt armies and smash face In the team comp Sat night for ya. Hope the work thing goes well. James

    1. Mate, get two Ogre armies and command both at the same time on tables right next to each other. I hear the army plays itself so you should clean up Bobby Fisher style.

  4. Jeff you will be missed bro, I was looking forward to chasing your lizards! Top Warhammer Celebrity will be mine..