Monday, 8 April 2013

Announcing Panzerschrek 2013 WHFB Tournament!

Good Afternoon Everybody,
                                         I am pleased to announce that I will be running a WHFB tournament at the annual Panzerschrek convention in Palmerston North over 20th/21st July 2013. This will be a two-day, six game tournament and for the first time in New Zealand, Swedish Comp will be used.

That Chaos Lord owes that Human 85 VPs

For those who are unaware, Swedish Comp uses a relatively easy to learn system to assign a value to an army between zero and twenty reflecting how powerful that army is (with zero being the hardest.) This allows a tournament organiser to dictate the spread of power at the tournament and hopefully encourage a varied and unusual mix of armies that can still compete effectively by the scores being adjusted each round in favour of those who used weaker armies.

You can find the player pack at:

All of the terrain is already organised for the tournament and there will be a free BBQ on the Saturday night. For those coming from out of town I'll be able to host a few out at my house.

At this stage I'm just aiming for a small 12-15 person tournament so get in quick and reserve your spot at what will be a good gaming opportunity to crack out your "unique" armies and show what those baby seals are capable of!

Any questions e-mail me at

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