Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 4

It has been a very busy fortnight for myself, with a 3 day, 8 game tournament last weekend, several practice games for Runefang and more painting to do as a result of changing army lists and buying some terrain.

Purchasing and Painting

I've picked up about 35 more skinks, including some of the metal Skink Command sets to allow me to ditch the Saurus in my list and go full skink. After Natcon I felt that the Saurus weren't really contributing particularly well and that I had a tendency to throw them away as I expected too much from them. By increasing the size of my units of cohorts I'll be better able to stand and shoot, hold the watchtower and be able of generating some CR every now and then. Currently they have been sprayed and undercoated khemri brown, and are waiting on some new paint to arrive from GW to finish off.

I've also purchased a GW Watchtower, Chapel and Temple of Skulls which I will paint up after Runefang. My table has been missing buildings so it'll be good to have some as they can play such crucial roles in games (as any impassable terrain does for a skink cloud list).

Once Runefang has passed my Lizards will be well and truly finished. From there I'll either start my Skaven properly, swap those skaven for a different (less powerful) army or paint up my modern 20mm for Force on Force.


It's been a fantastic fortnight for gaming, with me getting a great result from NATCON (went 7-1), and several practice games for Runefang. The first practice game was against John Murrie's Dwarves and is covered in a Battle Report elsewhere on the site. My second game was against Mike King's lizardmen and involved some hot Lizard on Lizard action in a watchtower. I travelled down to the Wellington Warlords for this game and can't recommend the club/facilities enough to locals.

3 Scar Vets out to find their destiny!
I was using a different skink cloud list with a Party Slann, 3 Cowboys and no Saurus against a fairly balanced Light Slann/Saurus list. I grabbed the watchtower first and an extremely tight game began. The watchtower changed hands only twice and the Scar vets managed to get to the enemy Slann but not kill him until the end of turn 6 as my skinks cleared his out and the Salamanders began decimating Mike's Saurus blocks. In the end we had both lost our slann (mine got stomped on by a Terradon, while his was killed by Cowboys) but I held the watchtower and had an 800 point advantage. All in all a good fun game and I'll be making the trip more often. A big thanks as well to Pete Dunn for coffee at his place afterwards.

News/New Releases

The big news on everyone's tongues at the moment is the imminent release of High Elves in either May or June. Personally I think this is great news as the book really needs an update and to my mind they are such a core race and embody fantasy so well. If you're keen to see the details of rumours you can find them here:

Personally I think this looks like more of a wishlist than anything else and I don't think we'll see to many new models other than the pheonix (which will be mounts or rare choices) and the eagle RBT. I really don't think HE will be getting MC and I'm glad of this as I don't think every army needs to have them.

In other news, NICON has made 12 players with 6 weeks to go for registrations so will be a ranked event at the minimum. There's still plenty of space so if you want to come play in the Hawkes Bay over Queen's Bday weekend let me know and I'll jot you down.

My other announcement is that I will be running a 12 person tournament in Palmerston North on July 20th/21st. This will be a 2 day, 6 game event and will use Swedish Comp. I'm unsure how Swedish Comp will work out in practice but I am keen to give it a go, see some different armies on the table and establish whether its a workable comp system for some NZ tournaments. I'll aim to have the Player's Pack out in less than a week, though I can tell you now it will be only $20, you can pay on the day, there will be a free BBQ, and I'll be able to put a few people up.

Future Plans

I'm all about getting too as many tournaments as possible in the next few months with Runefang, Wandering Orc, NICON, Tin Soldier, Horned Rat and my own Palmy tournament all on the cards. I'm loving Fantasy at the moment and just want to play as much as I can.

Final Thoughts

I've been trying to get involved in Forums such as DakkaDakka and Warseer but am getting to the point where I feel like staying away from them like the plague. Instead of being depositories of valuable insight and discussion about warhammer they seem to be endless crying about how person X wants to change rule Y and stupid discussions about the rules by people who don't understand the rules. The crux of the problem seems to be that these forums attract people who feel the game should be played in a very specific way and if you disagree you're a dick. I for one enjoy the game as it is (it's not perfect) and am generally happy to play with all but the worst shenanigans (Chalice of Darkness/Skirmisher contractions). Crying on a forum is not going to cause GW to change the rules so that the game plays out exactly like you want it too.

Pete's discussed this before, but if the forums have failed, what replaces them? Blogs are great but get very little feedback for the most part (and when they do it tends to form a small isolated community in itself.) I also really enjoy podcasts but not much of the content is easily applicable to the NZ tournament scene. To be honest the best discussion I am getting when it comes to warhammer is via Twitter, there's a bunch of dedicated players having good conversations with very little "noise" and I find it interesting and enjoyable. If you're not on twitter I encourage you to jump on and get involved. You can follow me at @JWK477 and from there it's easy to get the addresses for the other main NZ tweeters.

Well that's it for this fortnight. Happy wargaming and may you always roll 6's (except for leadership tests and purple suns). As always let me know what you've been up to and what you're thinking.

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  1. More Skinks? Really? Remember the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that you have one...

    Good to see that NICON has 12 players already. I think you'll get 12 easy for the Palmerston North event.

    I abandoned WHFB forums well over a year ago and only occassionally jump to get some painting ideas but prefer Coolminiornot or a straight google search for that.

    Good to see you had a good time down in Wellington