Monday, 22 April 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 5

The last fortnight has been a bit of a consolidation period after the rush that was NATCON and has seen me get some painting done, sell an army off only to pick  up another, and manage to get a game or two in.

Purchasing and Painting

My main effort in terms of painting over the last few weeks has been getting 35 more skinks (as well as metal command sets) painted up and based in time for Runefang. I managed to finish this all last night so hopefully have avoided the "night before rush" to madly finish my army before the tournament. That said I will have to go back Thursday night and do some touching up and prepare the army to travel. I'm pretty happy with where my Lizards are at now and will be glad to see them move off of the painting table and onto my display shelf to make room for other projects.

My Purchasing has been pretty busy, I sold off my massive collection of unpainted Skaven and am using those funds to put together a Dark Elf Army. So far I have acquired:

3x Avatars of War Sorceresses/Dark Elf Queens
2x Nude Harem Girls for my Cauldron of Blood
1x GW Cauldron of Blood
30x Blood Vestals (Witch Elf proxies)
2x Dark Elf Heroes from Raging Heroes
10x Dark Rider Comversions
2x Dark Elf Hydras (to ruin hobby)

I've been very impressed by all of the non GW figures I have ordered so far, especially the Avatars of War ones which are well scaled and well cast. The 2 Harem girls from Hasslefree miniatures are a touch on the small side next to GW figures but in the scale of the Cauldron of Blood as sacrifices it should be acceptable.

Ahem, ladies.....


I've managed two games over this period. The first was a Runefang VI warm-up game against my mate Caleb's Warriors of Chaos. The game went really well for myself and I felt vindicated some of the choices I made when I wrote the list. You can find the Battle Report here.

The other game I played was proxying a Dark Elf list (used a flying circus list very similar to the Ben Curry list) against my mate's Beastmen to see how the army worked and if it suited my style of play. All in all I really enjoyed the army's style of play and felt that the mobility, large amount of units and requirement for coordination of charges and spells made for a fun and interesting army to use. The army is certainly not as capable as the Lizardmen list I am currently running but to be honest I'm looking at stepping back from the very competitive lists I've been using in favour of some fluffier ones for the club environment.

News/ New Releases

The biggest news of the last fortnight has been the solidifying of rumours into facts about the new HE release next month. One of the best round ups for the new rumours and pictures can be found at:

Actual hard facts on what their new rules/capabilities are are pretty thin on the ground but the models all look well done and I look forward to seeing more High Elves across from me on the table. I don't particularly expect the release of the book to change too much but it's great to see that GW is really pushing the books out quickly at the moment.

My second bit of news is that there are still spaces for both NICON (in Napier over Queen's Birthday weekend) and Panzerschrek (NZ's first tourney using Swedish Comp). Entries are still open and we'd love to have you at these events. You can find more information at:

Finally, I woke up this morning to see that one of our FLGS appears to be closing down this week. The Bad Cave stocks a mediocre supply of GW goods (but a good supply of paints) and I take it has been in Palmerston North for ages. I buy most of my paint from there or Mr. Models and will occasionally buy GW on an impulse or if I can't get it for cheaper online. To be honest I can see how it would be almost impossible for them to make a decent living given the state of the gaming industry and GW's war on their own retailers and it's illuminating that Mr. Models (the other local hobby shop but more model focussed) is winding down it's GW inventory altogether. One of the big impacts that this local FLGS going under could have though is an influx of "homeless" gamers from other systems (particularly Warmahordes) into my club the Manawatu Duellists. This could be a silver lining to the cloud.

Future Plans

My main effort is obviously Runefang this weekend where I'm hoping for a solid performance in order to keep me moving up the rankings and within striking distance of my Master's goal for this year. This will be followed up by The Wandering Orc on May 17th/18th in Tauranga where I am undecided on what army to use. In terms of hobby I'll start putting together my Dark Elves and working on a paint scheme and basing schemes before I really put brush to model. In the local gaming club we're looking at running a Mighty Empires campaign as well as doing some modern Iraq/Afghanistan wargaming using Force on Force or a kiwi ruleset called Skirmish Sangin.

Final Thoughts

Worst play? Where do you draw the line and why? For those that aren't aware the ETC puts out a document called the Worst play document which can be found here. While everything in here is legal according to the rules as written, most of it is counter-intuitive and downright annoying meaning that most people put using it out of their minds and don't do it. That being said there are plenty of annoying tricks (i.e. the double flee) that are annoying, counter-intuitive and seem to be perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day what's the difference between double fleeing, railroading a Hellpit or contracting out of a charge? One of these appears to be perfectly acceptable, one is dubious and the other would I guess be totally unnaceptable in local tournaments. I'm not trying to get anyone's blessing to do any of these things (I already double flee like a boss) but I'm just wondering what makes these particular moves unfair/illegal by decree as opposed to examples of high level play (they're not particularly easy to pull off.) I'm keen to hear your thoughts.

Cheers. Jeff


  1. Jeff,

    If you're looking at Dark Elves, Gamezone is moving to resin/plastic figures. Check out the following;

    30 Druchhi spears for 25.50 Euros or 5 Dark Riders for 24.50 Euros (plus postage). They're nice figures and a damn sight cheaper than GW. I'd cut the spearhead on the spearelves, but otherwise they look good.

    1. I've looked at them and while the prices for their figures are great, their shipping rates equate to theft, starting at 50 Euros!

  2. Fair enough, I was just wondering if you'd seen them.

    On an unrelated note, I'm trying to find the rules for blowpipes, but I can't see them in the Rulebook or the Lizardman army book. Where are they? I'd like to know what they do in case I run into you or one of your fellow reptophiles on the weekend.

    18" range, Multi-shot(2), S3 is that correct?

    1. Page 49 under the Skink Chief entry. 12" range, 2x Multiple shots, S 3

    2. Thanks for that. 12" is a relief, makes it harder for them Skinks to hide from double Organ Guns.

  3. On worst play document, your using a list that can pull all of these with relative ease, and is likewise pretty immune to all off them, seeing as your just about a completely skirmisher based and not looking to charge all that often anyway.

    1. All of the worst play "moves" tend to work in favour of armies that are more mobile and chaffy and tend to screw armies that rely on big blocks of slow models to hit hard. This is because the former seeks to win the movement phase while the others see the movement phase as a god given right to let them have their fun in the other 3 phases. I would absolutely benefit from using these tricks but any of my armies would as I don't tend to play block-hammer. I guess I'm more curious about why we as gaming groups decide to draw the lines where we do? Is it because block-hammer fits more in line with our perceptions of how the game should play? It seems there is a disparity between the rules as written and how the community feels the game should work and I find that interesting.

    2. I find it tends to be based on what the big names think is fine and what isn't (just like comp). Try playing warhammer in multiple countries and you will see its really not very clearcut over what's fine and and what isn't... ETC worst play is best thing they could've done whether you agree with specifics or not

    3. I saw this post by Jabe (from the Dweller's Below) which relates to my questions above.

      What I like about an event agreeing to use the ETC doc is that I know exactly what I am allowed to do and not do, rather than having to worry about a myriad of opinions and perceptions.

  4. So what are the number of registrations looking like for your two tournaments Jeff?

    1. Hi Neil, at this stage we have 7 for Panzerschrek and 11 for NICON with expressions of interest for both. I'm hoping to drum up some interest this weekend as well.