Monday, 8 April 2013

Out with the Old, In with the Boobs

As I was reflecting on what I would paint up after Runefang (my lizards will be complete by then) I realised something very shocking:

I actually don't want to either paint or play the ungodly large Skaven Army I've acquired over the past year.

I've played a few games with the Skaven net-lists and tried some of the other variations and while I can see that the list is incredibly effective the style of play didn't really excite me. Furthermore the fluff of the army has never really appealed. Finally, I didn't relish the idea of painting another 200+ model army where I would inevitably paint the army as quickly as I could and hope that nice basing would make up for it.

The Solution? I'm starting a Dark Elf Army. I have always loved the fluff of the Dark Elves and am finding myself attracted to the MSU style of play after having been inspired by Swordmaster's excellent battle reports:

The list I'm going to build to is:

Dreadlord - Dark Pegasus, Pendant, Giant Blade, Sea Cloak, Heavy Armour, Shield
Supreme Sorceress - Earthing Rod

Master - Dark Pegasus, Cloak of Hag Graef, Dawnstone, Heavy Armour, Shield, Halberd
Master - Dark Pegasus, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem
Death Hag - Cauldron, BSB

10 Dark Elf Warriors - Muso+Standard
30 Dark Elf Warriors - FCG
8 Dark Riders - Muso, Repeaters
7 Dark Riders - Muso, Repeaters

6 Shades
6 Shades
6 Shades

30 Witch Elves - FCG, Banner of Swiftness

The major thing that has always held me back is that I hate most of the GW models. Searching on the internet though I have found Avatars of War and Raging Heroes figures that I will be using for most of the army.

I'll use 3 of the hero figures for the Dreadlord and Masters in the list who I originally intended to mount on Dark Pegasi but instead am going to convert them to use the Dark Eldar Scourge wings. These will be my 3 "Angels of Death". The two sorceresses will be my Death Hag and Supreme Sorceresses. For the Witch Elves I'll use the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals. 

The Skaven have already been sold and I have a total budget of $700 for this project, if anyone has:

Cauldron of Blood
Corsairs (to convert into shades)
Glade Riders (to convert into Dark Riders)

let me know and maybe we can do a deal?

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to starting an army that's all about the hobby and not solely focused on tournament play.

Let's hope come October I'm not in need of a crutch though..........


  1. You have to be into an army to paint it and Dark Elves are a great army - good fluff, great unit variations and choices, nicely balanced (nasty as well) and they do have some good models.

    You should also check out Reaper Miniatures - they have a huge selection and their stuff is pretty good.

    1. For sure, I'm really excited about building this army which was something totally lacking about the Skaven.

      I'll be hitting you and Gavin up for painting advice constantly so be warned!

  2. what's with the 10 Warriors, do they have crossbows?

    1. Core is something I haven't figured out. I want to take nothing but xbows and dark riders, but apparently people get upset when you take more than 90 shots. I saw it as a bunker/sacrificial sheep for the Sorc, but am not sure now.

    2. They don't quite fit and screams out free points. The dark riders look better in 3 units of 5. You may find you run out of room to manouvre them. also why no hydra, I thought they were autoinclude?

    3. All good points, I've been doing more research and in particular looking at Ben Curry's flying circus list, might move in that direction.

  3. CHoice of Raging Heroes minis is a good 'un. They are also cheaper than GW Witch Elves, which is kinda ridiculous given how much better they look.

    As for your list, it looks very reliant on Cauldron and I assume Shadow magic to kill anything. Your Lord as the only innate high strength unit in the list has no flaming ward and will get 6 dice Searing Doom/Gehennas every turn til he dies.

    Also given the speed and movement of your list the BSB is probably better on Hag Graef dude to keep up with everything

    1. All fair points and I'll work on shifting some things around, I'm really only set on the 3 peg characters.

      The reason I left the BSB on the cauldron is so that my peg master can survive fleeing a combat.

    2. He's on a Peg, why would you put him in a situation where he could lose combat?