Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Runefang VI Hopes and Dreams

Well Runefang is just about upon us, I've only got six more skinks to paint which I will do after I write this post, the lists are out and now all there is to do is wait for the draw and roll some dice. My Top 5 lists for the tournament (in no particular order) are:

Wil Hoverd's Ogre Kingdoms: A very fast and manueverable army that I believe has the potential to run rings around many opponents by presenting more threats than can be dealt with. I played Will at Over the Top earlier this year and know that he is a quality player. Lore of Heavens is also one of my least favourite lores to play against.

Joel Van De Ven-Long's Empire: A very strong Empire list which has answers to nearly every other list in the field and one I am particularly wary of due to Lore of Heavens. I've never played Joel but the stats don't lie so I expect him to finish well.

Pete Dunn's Skaven - This is the classic Pete Dunn Skaven list which he has dominated the tournament scene in NZ for some time with. He knows his army and he knows his match-ups so we can expect that whoever wins Runefang, they're going to have to do it over Greyseer Moreskitta's dead corpse.

Mike King with Lizardmen - Mike is using a very well balanced Light/Saurus list and knows how to use it. He has enough chaff to win most chaff wars and the two large blocks of Saurus supported by Light magic and the banehead should carry the day.

Samuel Campbell DoC - Sam is a very solid player who performed well at NatCon last month and I think has another good performance in store for us this weekend. The Nurgle/Epidimius combo appears to be very potent and may well steamroll many players who try to fight his blocks. I suspect his only weakness will be a lack of familiarity with the new army but I imagine a player of his skill level should be able to overcome this.

Honorable Mention goes to:
Just Choose to Roll 6's!
Mr. Mal Patel! - Mal is the top Lizardmen C*** in the country but has chosen to take a Carnosaur, Ancient Stegadon, 2 Baby stegs and some big blocs to the tournament. He then has grudged Simon Switzer (the top Dwarf C***) in the country for the first round. Theoretically Mal has committed warhammer suicide with this list but I still wouldn't be surprised to see him poking around (eww) the top 5 come Sunday.

As for myself, I've been put as 3rd/4th by Sam and Pete Dunn respectively but am not so confident. While I can't see myself getting taken off in any particular match-up I see a lot potential games where I won't be able to eek out the big wins I need to podium and the quality of competition at Runefang is higher than at any tournament I've previously attended. Realistically I will be happy with a top 10 result which keeps me moving up the NZ rankings as there is still plenty of time this year to sneak into Master's contention. One piece of silverware I definitely want though is the Best Newcomer Prize. This is awarded to the player who finishes best and has been playing in tournaments for less than a year. To my reckoning this one will come down to myself and Sam Campbell. So to sum it up: my goal for Runefang is to do better than Sam Campbell, which will be a challenge in itself.

Cheers and look forward to seeing yall there.


  1. I'm gonna shatter those dreams.

  2. I never said you would get 4th. I said you had the 4th best list.

  3. That so looks like Mal... particularly the eyeshadow