Sunday, 26 May 2013

First Witch Elves complete and resin bases arrive

I've finally completed my first Raging Heroes Blood Vestals to be used as Witch Elves in my new Dark Elf Army. As such it was fortunate that when I got up this morning my resin bases from Bases of War had arrived as well. You can see my first two completely finished models below:

Side on view of a Witch Elf, the resin bases bond much easier to the metal figure than I'd possibly hoped.
A frontal view of the action, there's still a bit of work to be done on skin here and there. I decided to add a bit of foliage to contribute to the ruined temple feel.

The bases are sprayed black, drybrushed Averland Yellow, drybrushed Bleached Bone, inked with Sepia and then I go back over the details of the flooring in Bleached Bone.
Lots of Blond Hair

Again I've added in a bit of foliage, I'm not sure if this adds to the base or makes it to busy.

photo (69).JPG
I'm doing the nipples bugman's glow but I'm not sure they stand out enough.

The bases are very simple to work with and I've bought enough for the whole army as well as movement trays done up in the same style. I'm pretty happy with the colours at the moment as I feel they're interesting and bright. I want my army to be much brighter looking than your standard Dark Elf army where I feel that the dark colours and basing can sometimes be a bit over the top. At this stage I have everything I need for the army. My first order of business will actually be doing all of the bases before moving onto the figures themselves. This will allow me to assemble and play with the army as I paint it without having to rebase or proxy too much.

I'm really enjoying this painting project at the moment and it's quite cool to be taking time to improve my painting skills rather than trying to turn out skinks or goblins as fast as possible. The figures I've used so far paint up very well and easily and I can't recommend Raging Heroes or Avatars of War enough for picking up good quality miniatures.

Cheers and keen to hear any feedback or tips.


  1. first one needs to be lined up more, she looks like she's falling over. I think you might need to do their base sides in 1 flat colour and leave the pretty stuff for the movement trays. It adds to the miniature more when the base sides are simple.

  2. Look really good Jeff - nice job on the blue eyes and the blue weapons.