Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fortnight in Gaming 6

Well it's been another busy fortnight in gaming for myself, with 1 tournament played in, 5 games outside of that tournament and lapping up the tears of the entire internet regarding the release of the new High Elves.

Purchasing and Painting

I've finished acquiring the last of my Dark Elves by ordering 3 Boxes of Corsairs and a Dreadlord on Black Dragon from in the US. We've still got a month and a half until the second embargo kicks in and I intend to make the most of it. I've always used chaos orc as my cheap hook-up and I'll be sad to have to find another way to get GW at reasonable prices. I've also purchased some Gamezone Dark Elf models, namely 30 of their new restic spearmen and 10 Light Cavalry to use as Dark Riders. The models look great and if you order from the spanish site the shipping is very reasonable.

30 Plastic Resin Spearmen for 25.50 Euros

5 Plastic Resin Light Cavalry for 24.50 Euros

The final purchase is resin bases and movement trays from . I really like the look of these bases as they fit with my concept of the army and should paint up very effectively. All of this should start arriving next week and I'll crack into the painting as well as do a review of all the 3rd party Dark Elf models that were used.

In terms of painting it's been pretty quiet with me finishing off a few skinks in time for Runefang and doing some basing on some Savage Orcs and Night Goblins for an upcoming tournament where I wanted to use a slightly different list than usual. I have also nearly completed painting my GW Watchtower and Chapel, but am waiting on a few paints from GW to finish them off.


The main gaming event of the past fortnight was Runefang VI where I managed a just acceptable 10th=. This was a great event which I've already written about heaps elsewhere but can't say enough good things about. I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, having a few beers at the pub saturday night and getting to drive home at a reasonable hour on Sunday Afternoon. I definitely look forward to attending more events in Wellington.
It's good to have the little green nutjobs back on the table.

I also managed a whopping 4 games in the last 4 days, some of which I'll be putting up as Battle Reports. The first game was OnG versus the new Warriors of Chaos. I've put the OnG on the shelf after OTT out of frustration with the army but the internet has been telling me that OnG are now all the rage so I thought I'd get them out and have a go. You can find the results here. OnG are definitely solid against the new WoC but as ever there is the chance of the army totally messing itself up. I played 2 other games against my mate's Beastmen this week, the first was a Watchtower game where his Minobus failed the first turn charge against the tower and allowed me to take advantage for a big win while the other was a very closely fought Meeting Engagement against his minobus and a flying Doombull. This game was probably the closest we'd ever had and in the end I only managed to scrape a win by a few hundred points. I'll definitely be doing up a Battle Report of this one in the next week.

The fourth and final game I proxied my proposed Dark Elf army against a nearly all mounted Warriors of Chaos army. This was a hard fought game and I won't give away the result just yet as I am finishing the Battle Report up to publish in the next day or two. Needless to say though I really enjoyed using the army and am happy with my decision to pursue Dark Elves.

News and New Releases

Well the High Elves are finally upon us and with them they have brought a level of internet whining that was previously thought impossible. If you took all of the tears that were shed over the skillcannon they would be but a drop in the ocean that has come about because of the Banner of the World Dragon. For those who aren't aware the Banner of the World Dragon is a 50 point banner than can be put in a unit (making it un-snipable) and gives that unit a 2+ ward against magical attacks (including miscast damage) as well as making dragons within 12" stubborn (not that anyone cares). The rather obvious application for this is to create WL/PG deathstars or far more dangerously in my opinion, Dragon Prince busses. Now this has large implications for Daemons of Chaos (everything has magical attacks), Dwarves (runed warmachines are magical, Skaven, Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos. Furthermore it's definitely going to push the game more towards Dwellers/FinalTrans/13th nukes to get around the ward-save. There is even talk from some that it is the best item in Warhammer. I haven't made up my mind yet but I think we can safely assume the item will be in every single competitive HE list and that DoC will struggle to get any kind of results against HE in tournament play given equal player skill. Should we auto-comp it? No, it needs time for us to see what effect it really has. Is it the sort of item that potentially wrecks hobby? Absolutely.

As for the rest of the High Elf book it looks fairly solid but uninspiring. Core is going to be filled with nothing but mounted troops and an archer bunker, White Lions are still a cut above Swordmasters and Pheonix Guard, two eagles are obligatory and their magic items appear to all be useful/powerful. That last part actually leaves me a bit jealous. When I look at the mere 8 magic items in the Orc and Goblin book and see only two that are useful (LSH/Spider Banner) and require the entire army to be shaped around them it made me think for a time that 8th edition army books were moving away from large amounts of magical items in an attempt to improve balance. Warriors of Chaos and High Elves seem to have completely reversed this trend. While the number of magic items has been reduced, in the High Elf book at least they all appear to be universally useful and cheap. In particular there is an item that is exactly the same as the Amulet of Itzl but 1/3 the price. It seems that the earlier 8th edition books are being left behind at least in the magic item department. What worries me the most though is I think this and the quickened release schedule is indicative of GW caring even less than usual about game balance and trying to push out new models with new rules as fast as possible to get some cashflow. Time will tell.

In other news, NICON is now up to 13 players and there are still spots available so flick me an e-mail if you're keen. Panzerschrek, NZ's first Swedish Comp tournament is also filling up and has only 3/5 spots left so get in quick.

Future Plans

I'm heading up to Tauranga in 2 weeks to play The Wandering Orc, which is a 2400 point straight out of the book Warhammer tournament. I'm not sure what I'll be bringing but it will be filth, and it will wreck James Brown's hobby.

Final Thoughts

I've pretty much spoiled my Final Thoughts section with my rant about magic items and the pace of releases. While I think it's great that GW is pushing out books and models at a furious pace, I worry about the quality of rules/models being brought out and the effect on game balance. This is the first edition of Warhammer I've played though so I don't have a great basis of comparison but are we starting to see power creep setting in (at least amongst the 8th edition books, I appreciate that several 7th edition books are still at the top). If you look at just 8th edition books, and their order of release are they getting more powerful each time? I think that generally they are. What do you think?


  1. If I get the new book tomorrow Ill give you game vs the new HE on Thursday if you like.

    Personally, Ill be sticking to Spears/Archers/SW as core as (a) I dont have any SH and (b) I like infantry. Dragon Prince bus is a yes have 17 of them so that will be a goer...

  2. No Ogres still is the most powerful 8th ed book out there. Tomb Kings prob being the weakest, but far from weak. Nope the supposed power creep is fairly minimal.

    I really really not understanding the hype of that magic banner. It's good yes, But i actually think an eagle is better use of points. Effective 100% match ups versus like what 10%??? I won't take it in any of my lists.

    If you can't deal with bottle up with chaff. then take rest of army off.. profit