Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Runefang VI Tournament Report (Day 2)

Well the first day hadn't gone to plan and I was pretty sure that I was too far behind to place but I knew that if I could pick up a big win and avoid losing that I would still be able to push into the top 10 and claim enough rankings points to keep me moving up the NZ Rankings.

Game 4 vs Joshua Kennedy (Wood Elves/Eventual Placing: 23rd) Meeting Engagement

Spellsinger - L4, Lore of Life, Staff that allows re-roll of dispel dice
HighBorn - Bow of Loren

Noble - BSB

11 Glade Guard - Muso+Standard, Flaming Banner
11 Glade Guard - Muso+Standard
11 Glade Guard - Muso+Standard
8 Dryads
8 Dryads

6 Treekin
6 Treekin


The scenario didn't have much of an effect on either of us and he got the first turn. The one nasty surprise that nearly got a Scar Vet was the Bow of Loren ignoring armour saves and doing a wound to Mr. Scar Vet. After that though the match became pretty one sided. In my first turn I killed the highborn with Metal Magic which panicked an Eagle off the board. Josh could only really get double-fled with his treekin and shoot inneffectively with his Glade Guard. Turn 2 saw my Metal Slann kill the Treeman while the Death Slann destroyed the Spellsinger using Spirit Leech, leaving the game mine. The next few turns saw one of my Scar Vets smash a unit of Dryads only to fall to a unit of Treekin, while the Glade Guard and other unit of Treekin were destroyed by a Scar Vet and Metal Magic respectively. In the end Josh had 2 Treekin left on the board but had grabbed enough to get a point.

Result: 19-1 Win

Thoughts: This game was stacked in my favour and I made the most of it. Josh knew he had brought a knife to a gun-fight but was still a fun opponent to play and a great sport. I also had great luck with my winds of magic rolls . I'll also mention that Josh's army was fantastically painted with some cool 3rd party models effectively thrown in. I'm pretty sure that had the army been complete (a few models were still works in progress) he would definitely have been in the running for best army.

Game 5 vs Joel Van Deven Long (Empire/Eventual Placing 10th=) Battleline

Joel is a solid top player and his list on paper had all the tools to utterly ruin my Skink Horde. While after my 19-1 win I realised I was back in with a chance I also knew that if I tried to push this match-up for big points I'd probably come out on the wrong side of it.

Arch Lector - Dragonhelm, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Talisman of Preservation
Arch Wizard - L4, Lore of Heavens, Dispel Scroll

BSB - Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Shrieking Sword

38 Halberdiers - FCG
5 Archers
10 Archers
5 Knights
5 Knights

4 Demigryphs - Muso+Standard
4 Demigryphs - Muso

Steam Tank

As you can see this list is very mobile, well armoured and a nightmare for my skinks. As such I resolved to give up one flank whilst trying to kill off as much as I could with magic and preserve my points in a building on the other flank which I dubbed the Alamo. One huge issue was that the cannons prevented my Scar Vets from chasing down units and forced them to hide behind the building rather than trying to do their job. Deployment went my way and saw most of Joel's army on the opposite side of the table from the Alamo with only 2 units of knights in my face.

Camo Skinks prepare to die to keep the Chicken-Knights away from the Alamo!

Joel won the roll for first turn and threw the Knights into my Skinks/Terradons while the rest of his army slowly began the slow march to the alamo, slowly clearing out my units sent to slow them down. His Knights did well but the Scar Vets eventually pulled them down but not before a few units of skinks died. One Scar Vet even managed to chase down a unit of demigryphs but then was struck down unluckily by magic before he could tear the the Hurricanum apart. From Turn 4 it was clear that he would never make it to my then safe Alamo so I began a race to pick up points with magic. I took the Steam tank to 2 wounds with metal magic (rolled many 1's) and in the last turn managed to turn his General into a golden statue. When we started counting the points up it was clear that it was very close.

Result: 10-10 Draw

Thoughts: I was pretty happy with this result and with a bit of luck I could have had 12 if the Steam Tank had gone down as well, though at the same time I was lucky that he blew up 2 war machines with misfires so luck had been a pretty fair and even mistress to both of us. I had fought what I felt had been a superior army to a standstill and felt I'd made the most of the match. In retrospect I could have pressed for the hurricanum with shooting but I was unfamiliar with it. This was easily my most enjoyable game of the tournament and I'd like to thank Joel for that. Both of us were in a spot where the game could have become very tense quickly but it flowed freely and I had a great time. A fair result for both of us and I hope to get to play Joel again (especially since his cannons never wound!).

Final Results: I came in at 10th=, though the entire top 10 was very very close with only 5 battle points between 10th and 4th. It was frustrating to know that even a point or two from my one loss would have seen me place much better but at the same time I was generally happy with how I played and the ranking points gained have pushed me up 5 spots to 18th. This was my biggest tournament yet and probably the most competitive field I had played in yet so to go 3-1-1 was a decent result though I probably underperformed based on what my army is capable of. I also feel that if there had been a sixth round I could have pulled another win out (but I'm sure everyone else feels the same). All in all though I am satisfied with the results and feel I learnt some valuable lessons which hill help me keep improving my play.

As for the tourney itself, I have no complaints. The venue, terrain organisation and players were great. It was really nice to have food on sight thanks to the PTA of Cashmere School. In terms of the structure I have only two thoughts:

1. The 1000 points awarded for B+G and Watchtower was probably a bit too much. In Watchtower it encourages players to throw away their armies to hold the watchtower which makes sense but in Blood and Glory it tends to mean that you either get 20 points or none. It'd be nice to see a better distribution of scores.

2. The combination of 5 games and Pete Dunn curb-stomping everyone who looked at him funny meant the top 10 (bar Pete) was incredibly congested. A sixth game would have helped to see some more differentiation. That said I loved being home at 5 after a tournament, so I'm not too fussed.

Finally a huge thanks to Peter Williamson for umpiring the tourney and to Pete Dunn for hosting me over the weekend. It was much appreciated and if you ever have reason to be in Palmy I've got a place for you.

Cheers. Jeff


  1. Cool report Jeff.

    We're gonna be hella busy until panzershreck, so not sure I will make it to the horned rat as we are moving house. So you might be able to nab best newcomer then.

  2. What are your thoughts on best way to handle Blood Glory and Watchtower for BP, having seen both my solution at Natcon and this similiar approach.

    Last year, 400-600 VP was given for achiving the objective, I certianly flet this wasn't enough as armies could lose the objective, table their opponent and still get 20-0 (all close to it), resulted in armies the excelled at Battleine, also excelling at these 2 scenarios by ignoring the scenario basically.

    I for one, want to see the scenario mean something, otherwise we might as well just play Battleline all the time.

    1. Horned Rat and CTA are making objective worth 600 points but with a floor for winner of 11 points. Think this might be suitable compromise

    2. I like the scaled approach of Natcon.

    3. I don't think Watchtower is such an issue using either system, as it encourages people to take and hold the bloody thing regardless of the consequences. The problem with Blood and glory is that the objective is already part of winning the game normally (Killing the enemy general is part of getting a big win in most cases)so you just end up with more decisive results. How often does an army break the enemy and only get the 11 points? I'm still undecided and will be curious to see what the outcome of 600 points being used is.

    4. I agree, it's more an issue with Blood and Glory, I like the fact if you break first you lose, as it means people have to take armies that have at least 1 banner, plus General and BSB. Few people last year gave up 600 Vp for starting with less than this, it a big penalty to take now.

      Another options I've seen, is give side that breaks first some penalties, such as -2/3 Ld for rest of game, I'm not so sold on this as some armies just don't care much about Ld penalities.

  3. Another very nice report.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it up.