Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The C**** Word

Lately I've noticed a trend on the internet particularly on the twitter-verse and on podcasts to refer to many players as chumps. This tends to happen the most when a more competitive player (and there is a large difference in the NZ community at least between a small group of people who take the game quite seriously and the rest) is either putting someone down for voicing their opinions (though often wrong) or referring to an easy tournament game. I've used this term myself but lately have started to really dislike it.


The term is derogatory and divisive. Google tells me that a chump is:

1. A foolish person
2. An easily fooled person, a sucker.

So when you use this term it's disrespectful and it's putting people down. You could argue the term hobby gamer or newbie implies some of the same negativity but at least those terms aren't defined as being a put-down. The use of the term belittles those who are either just getting into the hobby or alternatively don't choose to spend the vast amounts of time on the hobby that the small amount of competitive gamers who dominate the top tables do. There is not only no purpose in creating a divide like this but it is ultimately counter-productive and harmful to the already small Warhammer Fantasy scene in New Zealand. I know that if I had gone to Arch Enemy this year (my first tournament) and been referred to as a chump either by overhearing the term or reading it on the internet, I would probably have been much less likely to dive into the community the way I have.

Now I'll admit I've used this word myself a few times, and the reason I did was because I heard everyone else in the pod-casts and many top players using it and equated that if I acted and used the jargon of the perceived top players I'd play as well as one of them. I put a lot of time into the competitive side of the hobby and when anyone puts a lot of time into anything they usually want to feel rewarded for that. The creation of a them and us divide can be its own reward and I think that this explains most of the phenomenon. It's pointless though and there are better ways to get a reward out of  the hobby. People will also point out that actions speak louder than words and that army lists should be changed to prevent competitive players with top tier lists smashing new players in tournament settings. I'm going to have to disagree on this, as long as sportsmanship is maintained, the winner is gracious and the newer player learns something then no harm is done. I used to play football at college, and no good team ever went easy on me, and a few thrashings here and there never dulled my desire to play.

Do any of us really wanna be the guy wearing the lilac shirt?

Well that's just my thoughts on the subject. The only C word I'll be using from now on can be spelled phonetically by changing only one letter in my last name. I'm keen to hear people's thoughts on this.

Cheers. Jeff K?nt


  1. Team Chump, coming to an NZTC near you! Who wants in? (Slogan: We bring the fluff. Mascot: a Hellpit named Bubbles)

  2. It's a subjective thing, amongst respected peers it's kinda ok other wise it's disrepectful. We have a lot of Junior members in our club and it's the type of role model behavious you don't want to promote. Just tact at the end of the day.

  3. Mal's the worst at it, but that's just his ethnic preference.
    I don't do it myself, in a game with dice it's just asking to be slaughtered by someone you've derided.

  4. I think a lot of people have been called a chump by Mal afterall I got best "Chump" award at Runefang. Probably just a sign for his love and affection for all us colonist (and in my case convict) stock.

  5. It is derogatory.
    It can be used in friendly banter where the people know each other and are not going to take offence but if you use it you need to be aware that the receiver might feel put down by your remark.
    There - thats the teacher in me speaking.