Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Wandering Orc 2013 Tournament Report (Day 1)

I had the pleasure of attending The Wandering Orc 2013 last weekend in Tauranga , NZ which was hosted by the Tauranga Tabletop Miniatures Wargaming Club. The tournament was six games of straight out of the book Warhammer with no comp 2400 point armies. I expected a bit of a filth fest so  brought a very hard Lizardmen list:

Slann - BSB, Standard of Discipline, Becalming Cogitation, Focused Rumination, Soul of Stone, Focus of Mystery, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Divine Plaque of Protection, Lore of Metal

Scar Vet - Light Armour, Cold One, Dragonhelm, Venom of the Firefly Frog, Great Weapon, Dawnstone

Scar Vet - Light Armour, Charmed Shield, Burning Blade of Chotec, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Speed, Cold One

Skink Priest  - Level 1, Dispel Scroll
Skink Priest - Level 1, Cube of Darkness

20 Saurus Warrios - Muso, Standard
10 Skink Skirmishers - Javelins/Shields
10 Skink Skirmishers - Javelins/Shields
10 Skink Skirmishers - Javelins/Shields
10 Skink Cohorts - Muso
10 Skink Cohorts - Muso
10 Skink Cohorts - Muso

6 Camo Skinks
6 Camo Skinks
6 Camo Skinks
3 Terradons
3 Terradons
3 Terradons

2 Salamanders
1 Salamander

So all in all a very hard list that would be able to take armoured units apart and should be able to out-manuever nearly anyone.

Game 1 vs Warriors of Chaos (James Cardno/Eventual Placing: 10th) Dawn Attack

James has recently jumped on the WoC filth bandwagon and was rocking most of the toys.

Daemon Prince - Mark of Nurgle, L4, 2++ Flame ward, Charmed Shield, Soul Feeder

Exalted Hero - Mark of Tzeentch, 1+/3++ re-roll 1's
Chaos Sorcerer - L2 Metal, Scroll

17 Chaos Warriors - Mark of Nurgle
Khorne Chariot
Khorne Chariot

Chimera - Regen, Flaming Breath

4 Skullcrushers

I won the roll to pick board edge and set up first. My deployment was reasonably unaffected by the scenario and I was able to position my Slann and Saurus to make a first turn entry into a large building just outside my deployment zone. Key for James was that he didn't place any units in one of his corners (using his 6's to place his army central) which allowed me to scout all of my Chameleon Skinks into a corner to shoot up his Hellcannon.

The game started well with my Camo Skinks miraculously destroying the Hellcannon on turn 1 and his army getting choked up on the pure number of units I threw in his way. Both Breath weapons were used on turn 1 but failed to completely destroy any units. The Mid-game saw me casting Final Transmutation on his DP every turn which he risked in order to stop Searing Doom and Gehenna's Golden hounds on the rest of his army. In turn 4 I finally managed to roll the 6 I needed and his army then started to fall apart as it couldn't get to grip with mine thanks to my Scar Vets sacrificing their lives and my army just generally clogging the board. At the end of turn 6 I had managed to kill all of his army bar the BSB and the Skullcrushers for the loss of my Scar Vets and a unit of Skinks.

Result: 17-3 Win

Thoughts: I was pretty happy with how this game went, my ability to jump in a building kept my Slann safe James didn't have enough units to clear my skinks away. My persistence with Final Transmutation paid off eventually as I knew it would. James was letting it go to stop my Searing Doom/Hounds-ing the rest of the army so it was a bad situation for him with no good decision. Many of my units were decimated by breath attacks but WoC lack of ranged attacks and Magic Missiles means he couldn't finish any units to get valuable points.

Game 2 vs. Ogre Kingdoms (James Brown/Eventual Placing: 3rd) Meeting Engagement:

I had James down as my second worst match-up at the tournament due to a magic resistant army and his high level of play. James was rocking:

Slaughtermaster - Scales, Blades, L4 Maw

Firebelly - L2, Pot of Speed
Bruiser - BSB, Runemaw Banner

3 Bulls - XHW
3 Bulls - XHW
9 Ironguts - FCG, Standard of Discipline

3x1 Sabretusks
2 Mournfang
2 Mournfang
8 Maneaters - Scout, ITP


I again won the roll to pick edges and deploy first and picked a corner with a building in it and close to a second building. I started with 2 units of Skinks and my Slann off the board so was potentially in a bit of trouble. I parked my Saurus in the building and spread my army out relatively evenly with Scar Vets at each flank ready to dice it up with some Mournfang. James started without his SM, a sabretusk and a unit of Mournfang so deployed very conservatively close to his long edge in order to pick up his SM. This gave me the break I needed to get camo skinks behind him and in spitting distance of his Ironblaster while my Terradons vanguarded aggressively as I expected first turn.

First turn was mine and in it I managed to kill the Ironblaster as well as both Sabretusks on the table, giving my army room to slip out of my corner as I brought my Slann on centrally. Forcing James to either let most of my army go and take some points by killing the Saurus and a skink or two or to try and turn his whole army around. James elected for the former and spent a couple of turns clearing chaff away to get to the building while I clogged him up with a brave terradon flank charge on a unit of 3 bulls and my Scar vet died trying to kill only 2 MF after I fluffed everything. I ended up saving the Saurus by waiting for his Maneaters to move past the building, exiting and swift reforming into another building late in the game. In the end I picked up both Gorgers, the Ironblasters, all the bulls and tusks and one of the MF units for the loss of some skinks and a Scar Vet.

Result: 11-9 Win

Thoughts: I was happy with this result as I always expected it to be a close game. I think James could have got more by playing aggressively and leaving his SM behind but that early in the tournament I can understand being cautious. His army worked well, but the scenario and my building shenanigans allowed me to conserve points. I was unlucky not to grab another point or two but my Dawnstone cowboy fluffed every roll and got put down by a single Mournfang. All in all though I was glad the match-up was out of the way.

Game 3 vs Lizardmen (Carl Templeton/Eventual Placing:14th) Battle for the Pass

Carl was running a renegade Lizardmen list with no Slann that would still be dangerous in Battle for the Pass with a river of light to my rear.

Carnosaur Oldblood

ScarVet - BSB
Skink Priest - L2, Scroll
Skink Priest - L2

2x25 Blocks of Saurus
2x10 Skink Skirmishers

5 Camo Skinks
3 Terradon Riders
1 Stegadon
10 Cold One Cavalry

2 Salamanders

Carl won the roll for table edge and put me down with a River of Light running through my deployment zone (casts a random lore of light spell). I deployed as far forward as possible to try and get some space to flee. Fortunately Carl deployed very defensively and I saw that I should be able to get a good win in the game. I scouted my skinks behind him.

I again won the roll to go first and proceeded to begin clearing his Camo Skinks and Terradons out by dropping rocks while my camo skinks began making a nuisance of themselves. I clogged up most of his army using double flees while he turned around a block of saurus, the salamanders and the stegadon to take care of the camo skinks behind him, greatly taking pressure off of the rest of my army. By turn 3 I had magicked down the Carnosaur lord and half the Cold Ones and cleared his chaff off. The rest of the game saw me continue to redirect/double flee the Saurus blocks while Scar Vets killed the Stegadon and Cold Ones. I lost several other skink units to banishments cast on them by the river of light and my harassing camos eventually died but did well to turn his army around.

Result: 14-6 Win

Thoughts:  I was again pleased with the result, I would have had more points but the river of light had killed 3 units and the scenario had made it difficult to really get in control of the game. My one regret was that Carl hadn't really appreciated how my army worked and was pretty unimpressed by how the army worked once he saw it in action. A mismatch in armies and expectations led to a strained atmosphere during the game.

Game 4 vs Skaven (Nick Munn/Eventual Placing: 8th) Watchtower

Nick was running a pretty brutal list with:

Grey Seer - 4++, Power Scroll
Chieftain - BSB
Engineer - L2, Condenser, Rocket

40 Slaves
40 Slaves
40 Slaves
35 Clanrats - FCG
35 Stormvermin - FCG
Warpfire thrower
2x Ratswarms

8 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings
8 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings


I wasn't happy to be playing this list but I was relieved it was in watchtower where he had no units he could place in the tower. I won the roll for the tower and popped in my 20 Saurus while the rest of the army deployed centrally to chaff it up. Nick deployed all of his slaves the clanrats/seer in one corner quite defensively with his warmachines, with the stormvermin positioned to take the tower and the HPA and Doomwheel on the other flank and Gutter Runners deployed Cautiously.

Nick went first and plunged the HPA into the watchtower, killing plenty of Saurus but they stuck around. The next turn or two saw me metal half the wounds off the DoomWheel which was then finished off by a Scar Vet while the storm banner came and went. In turn 3 I managed to down the HPA with shooting, knock out a unit of Gutter Runners and push a new unit of skinks and the slann into the watchtower to relieve the now destroyed Saurus. The stormvermin had been prevented from joining the fight by my throwing away of chaff. Turn 4 saw my Scar Vet hack down another unit of Gutter Runners and the Salamanders decimate the Stormvermin who fled off the board due to bouncing off Terradons who had moved behind the Skaven lines. The game was random length and ended on turn 4 with me in control of the tower.

Result: 16-4 Win

Thoughts: Very happy with the result, while the game ended early it actually only let Nick off the hook as I would have had more Final Transmutation attempts on his Grey Seer. Nick played well and the storm banner was a giant pain in the ass but he should have placed his Seer centrally where he could Crack's call the watchtower off and ultimately this mistake cost him the game.

Well at the end of Day 1 I was on 58 points and in second place, with the leader Ross, having amassed a massive 67 points and thus being my first game of day 2.

To be continued....


  1. Just letting you know that I am thoroughly enjoying your battle reports - they are a pleasure to read, please keep up the good work! :)


  2. Good read Jeff. Nice consistent results.

    1. Thanks Sam, much easier without you there.