Sunday, 2 June 2013

NICON 2013 Results and Round-up

Well NICON  has been run and won in beautiful Napier this year and a small group of Fantasy players got together for a very tightly contested tournament. Unfortunately we had 2 cancellations in the last week and several before that so only 10 players managed the trip. Nevertheless I felt a good time was had by all and that the field remained competitive due to the presence of good players and filthy lists. The comp used was standard Pete-lite and the armies for the most part were very capable. Instead of just posting up the results I thought I'd run through the 10 competitiors and how they went (a luxury of a small tournament).

Rob's retro Skullcrushers about to get redirected by Brian's Harpies

10th Place with 45 points - Rob Sadler (WoC): From list submission it was clear that Rob was going to find himself in the unenviable position of having a knife at a gun-fight with his renegade Warriors of Chaos list. Rob was a great sport and didn't get any breaks with the draw but still kept a smile on his face the whole weekend. A big thanks to Rob as well for bringing down some extra terrain we would have needed if not for a last minute cancellation.

Simon's Dwarves defending the Castle after his Artillery is overwhelmed by Dan Butler's Warriors

9th Place with 54.6 points - Simon Switzer (Dwarves): Simon once again brought his Castling Dwarves to this tournament and it was claimed by many that this could be the tournament that Simon gets himself onto the podium. Alas it was not to be as the mobility and number of threats many armies were packing prevented him from getting big wins and left him with draws and a major loss at the hands of James Cardno. Simon never lost confidence though (not that he ever would) despite his cannons failing him multiple times. Will we see Simon's Dwarves again or will his Chaos Dwarves start to make their presence known?

Nick Furiously plotting before game 1, it's all down-hill from here folks.
8th Place with 57.8 points - Nick Munn (Skaven) - Nick brought a very similar list to the one he used in Tauranga a few weeks ago with most of the Skaven toys we all know and hate. However Nick managed to adeptly use these toys to destroy his army in nearly every game. Numerous miscasts, 1's for Warp lightning, Mysteriously off target misfires and other hilarity saw Nick in a constant battle against not just his opponent but himself. I had originally put aside a rat-trap as a spot prize for whoever did the most damage to Nick in a game, but after watching the tournament I decided that he was the only logical recipient.Also, Nick is a big guy for a philosopher and a much better drinker than I am.

Combat is not a good place for Magical Frogs to be Mike

7th Place with 58.4 points - Mike King (Lizardmen): Mike had decided to move away from the Party Light Slann he's been using recently and took a Death/Metal Slann combo but kept most of the rest of the list the same. Mike has said in hindsight this was a poor move and at times the army seemed a bit disjointed between being a classic Saurus block combat list and a dual slann avoidance list. Mike also had hilariously bad luck all weekend, managing to drop both of his Slann down holes due to miscast in the space of 2-3 turns in round 5. As a fellow Lizardmen C*** I'll be curious to see what changes Mike makes in his list.

Brian's Dark Elves sweep away the remnants of Rob's Warriors

6th Place with 62.5 points - Brian Smith (Dark Elves): Brian brought a rock solid double cauldron list with a nasty horde of executioners and corsairs. He got off to a great start against Rob Sadler, managed to hold Pete Dunn to a draw and got a solid win against Simon Switzer, putting himself in contention for the podium despite a big loss against James Cardno as we went into the last round. A big loss though in Blood and Glory round 6 though bounced him back to 6th place. It was good to see Brian again and his play is definitely improving under the tutelage of Dan Butler to the point where he is certainly going to become a contender with those filthy Dark Elves.
The Hand of Pete decides that the Lizards must die.

5th Place with 67.3 points - Pete Dunn (Daemons of Chaos): Pete brought his Blue Waffles out to Napier for their first tournament expedition and played very well throughout the weekend with a list that many including myself had not really understood until seeing it played. It is still not in my opinion a top tier list but it is still very capable. Pete ground out a few draws and some solid wins to put himself in a very good position to take the tournament come round 6. Things went awry though and the randomness of the Daemons hit Pete with a vengeance (He rolled double 1's for winds of magic, killing  half of  a unit of horrors, then miscast when using those two dice and killed the rest of the horrors) leaving Pete in mid-table. Will we see the Daemons again come Horned Rat?

Sneaky Sneaky Dwarves!

4th Place with 70.3 points - Neil Williamson (Dwarves): The elder statesmen of Warhammer, Neil, brought an anvil, minimal deployment Dwarves list and surprised everyone with a solid 4th place finish. This was great to see and I enjoyed watching Neil play the army as it was full of surprises and could attack from any angle. The great thing was to see that his opponents all had a great time and it was proved that Dwarves do not have to be boring. I've even wondered myself if Dwarves could be good for a fun time.

James' finest moment as the Gutstar slams into a Skink unit which is bunkering both Slann.

3rd Place with 73.6 points - James Brown (Ogre Kingdoms): James had brought his TBM list and fortunately had sorted out his Ironblaster issues (gunning down a Lord of Change turn 1 for example). With a solid list and solid play James rallied back from a 1st round beating at the hands of James C. to not lose another game (despite a close 10-10 with Pete). Unfortunately the 1st round loss put a better spot on the podium out of reach.
James Daemon Prince terrorised the tournament, in this picture he is about to kill 23 Executioners  with a single Breath Attack.

2nd Place with 76.5 points - James Cardno (Warriors of Chaos): James brought the filth and with a tournament already under his belt the skills to back it up. He opened with a 19-1 win against James B, held Pete, Dan and Neil to draws/small scores and ran away with his other two games, tabling Simon in the last round to take 81 Battle Points and thus the most battle points. I expect we'll see James continue to threaten the podium with this list and as he improves in a player. He is still very susceptible to peer pressure from girls though.

Filth vs. Fluff! - Dan's Chaos Lord on Dragon actually defeated the Daemon Prince!
1st Place with 76.7 points - Dan Butler (Warriors of Chaos): They say good things happen to people who take Chaos Dragons and Dan proved this right. Dan managed solid results throughout the first 5 rounds, minimizing likely losses to draws and getting good wins where he could (against Simon particularly). This left him playing Pete in the final round (Blood and Glory) with only 4 fortitude with his one banner being in a unit of 5 Marauder Horesemen. Despite this the stars all aligned and Dan managed to put Pete down (with Pete's help) 20-0 and avoid being broken. This catapulted him into 2nd in battle points and with the help of a painting point or two he pipped James C by a whisker. Well done to Dan on also being voted Best Sport and Best Army.

All in all a good weekend was had and I learned a few things about running a tournament.

Umpires should be responsible for making sure awesome music is playing for the competitors!

  • There's a lot of tournament set-up involved (I will never again not require players to use a list template), but once it's on it runs pretty smoothly.
  • I was happy with the comp pack I used (Pete-lite) and my only thought is that Ironblasters could potentially go back to 0-2 given some of the more recent books.
  • I used fixed mysterious terrain on the tables to save time and try to balance the tables. I may have gotten one table wrong by placing a wizard's tower too close to the long board edge.
  • I made a booking for everyone to go have dinner together in town. This worked out really well and I think everyone had a good time. The social side of the hobby is great and I feel that organising a dinner or a beer on the Saturday is a good idea.
  • I enjoyed umpiring and taking pics/tweeting commentary the first day. I drank too much Saturday night though so couldn't bring myself to do this day 2. Warhammer may be a non-drinking hobby for me unfortunately.
  • I was disappointed that I couldn't bring together the 12 players required for the tournament to be ranked. Two cancellations in the week leading up left me scrambling and I was a bit gutted for the guys who made long trips to come and play.
  • I enjoyed umpiring and am looking forward to doing it again at Panzerschrek.
You get nerd cake if you come to my tournaments!

All in all, a good weekend and thanks to everyone who came along. I'm keen for any feedback on the comp set, terrain etc. so I can improve any events I run in the future.

Cheers. Jeff


  1. Thanks for your efforts to make a great weekend Jeff.
    I had a really good time and hopefully didn't ruin everybody elses weekend lol.
    I've never been referred to as an elder statesman before, it has a distinguished ring to it.

    1. Cheers Neil. It was actually cool to see your list in action. It was dynamic and competed in every phase of the game it could thanks to the Anvil. I still think it could be annoying to play against, but for all the right reasons.

      I'd say roll with it, it's better than most wargaming nicknames.

    2. Neil, you've inspired me, I'll be taking a list like this to Horned Rat/Gobbo. I'd like to know how you managed to protect the Anvil, I've had it tied up for most of a game by a simple Eagle before.

  2. Thanks Jeff, had a great time, you arranged flawless weather, and ran the tournament perfectly. Despite the Saturday night handicap to your efficiency. The cake was supreme, my opponents were magnificent, and I couldn't have asked for more.

    Really liked the space between tables for storing your stuff during a game. Timings were fine, I play fast and never came close to dropping any turns, played every game to the end. No rulings queries that couldn't be swiftly slain, and no drama.

    Awesome, and thank you again. Dan

  3. Great weekend. 6 really good games, no rules issues of note. I didn't mind the mysterous terrain being pre-determined, changes tactics a little from what finding out what it when you touch it. Wizard Tower just out of deployment zone only continous one really and having played on that table twice it didn't make any difference at the end of the day (but I can see how it might).

    1. I think it only really became an issue because Pete had so many casters on a single lore, thus allowing him to double up on Gateway. I don't think there was any other army there that could have used it to double up on spells.

    2. Skaven, but I wasn't unhappy to see all his characters (bar one engineer) in the building

    3. You were unlucky not to run them out of there with the sallies when I put my clanrats in the wrong place. But magic-wise, I didn't exactly destroy you, even with 35/36 possible dice in the first three phases. Lizardmen magical D is good.

  4. Also want to say a special thanks for the first prize weaponry, that is a pretty sweet dagger Jeff! Workmates look at me funny at lunch break, but they're too scared to ask :D