Monday, 3 June 2013

Positive Warhammer VS Normative Warhammer - Or why I can't read Warseer threads anymore

Reading a lot of the threads on whine-seer lately I've been reminded of a pretty basic economic idea which I think applies pretty well to how you look and think about warhammer. In my mind you have two choices:

Warhammer is fine guys: Cannons, Daemon Princes and Dwellers are all working as intended. 

1. You can think about Warhammer positively, that is you focus on the game as it is in all its bizarre glory. This means you appreciate that the game's not perfectly balanced, that some styles of play result in superior results and that no one can hear whining from the Ivory Tower located at GW HQ in Nottingham. Then you move on and play however you want and leave other people to do the same.


2. You can think about Warhammer from a normative point of view. That is you spend your time focusing on the way the game should be. This is the train of thought that most of the internet warriors on forums tend to fall into. They'll rush to tell you what's broken and why (most things), how you should be playing each army to be a good sport, clamour for tighter comp so that tournaments go the way the believe they should and never seem to understand that all of the effort they put into their complaining won't actually change anything. These guys also try to apply logic regarding the warhammer world fluff when justifying why something should be.

I'd like to think that I fall into the first category. I know there are imbalances and problems with the game, but I don't spend too much time worrying about those things. I play the army I want given the way the game works and everyone else is welcome to as well. I think when you start with a firm personal idea of what the game should be you just leave yourself open to disappointment and conflict with others who have different personal views.

I read so many forums where the narrative seems to be dominated by people who have strong and conflicting ideas of how they want the game to work and put so much effort into voicing their opinions for naught. How much more productive would it be fore the Warhammer community as a whole if people just focused on how the game is and got amongst it?

As always keen to hear your thoughts.


  1. Its so nice to visit Lustria, isn't it JWK47.

    Even the poison darts are friendly!

    Spawning of Bob

    1. It's a good time to be a lizardmen Bob, and to be honest even after a new book I think it'll still be a good time to be a lizardmen. Whatever crazy set GW is going to try and sell me, sign me up for 3!

      As for the Lustria forums themselves. I enjoy the atmosphere there. Cynics would say that Lizardmen have nothing to complain about due to have a few very powerful builds, but on most other forums people would be complaining about the few things that don't work (Carnosaur Lords, Temple Guard, Kroxigor) rather than just being happy with what does.

      Also, love your cartoons.